Try A Stay In Babylon NY

With activities ranging from free summertime concerts under the stars near lovely Argyle Lake to historically notable sites and buildings, there is a lot to do and see in Babylon ny. A stay in one of the many hotels in Babylon ny can be your home base for a memorable weekend vacation. If you are looking to travel in the new york state area, consider trying a stay in Babylon ny.

If you are considering a visit to the new york state area, consider trying a stay in Babylon ny.  There is a lot to see and do in Babylon ny, and a lot of hotels in Babylon ny which can make your stay pleasant and affordable.  A weekend in Babylon ny can give you and your family a chance to get to know the history of this unique area in new york state, as just a quick look at the many attractions in Babylon ny will let you know.  A stay at one of the many hotels in Babylon ny can make for a memorable and educational getaway.

The incorporated village of Babylon new york is only two square miles in size.  However, Babylon is a busy, bustling place, and there are over twelve thousand full-time residents in Babylon ny.  Many of the people who live in Babylon ny commute to the new york city metro area for work and sometimes for play.  This easy access to manhattan gives Babylon ny a cosmopolitan flair.

However, one of the biggest selling points of a stay in Babylon new york is the access it will give you to the great outdoors.  Babylon ny is home to the lovely Argyle Lake and a large park surrounding it, a great place for a family picnic during the summertime season in Babylon ny.  Babylon ny features a substantial marina on the Great South Bay, which makes a stay in Babylon ny a natural and smart choice for a weekend if you enjoy boating and related water activities.  There are municipal slips, large boatyards, and private marinas owned by the many water clubs and some private residents who make their homes in Babylon ny.

The gazebo south of Argyle Lake is a must-see stop during your stay in Babylon ny.  During the summertime season, when tourism in Babylon ny is at its peak, the gazebo offers free Friday night concerts given by local musicians and nationally known bands.  These summertime festivities in Babylon ny can be a great experience for you and your family, as you bask in the summertime air and gaze at the stars which hover over Babylon ny while enjoying some great music.

These free concerts can help make your stay in Babylon ny memorable for years to come.  There are few things better than great music under the stars during a balmy summertime Friday evening, and the price is certainly right.  Make a point of checking in with the Babylon ny chamber of commerce during your visit to see what the concert schedule is.  Even if your stay in Babylon ny occurs during another season of the year, the likelihood that the gazebo will be a must-see stop is high.  The gazebo hosts several annual celebrations thrown by the village of Babylon, so do a bit of research before your stay in Babylon ny to see if your visit will coincide with any of these events.

Even if there isn't an exciting event in the Argyle Gazebo during your stay in Babylon ny, you will still find a lot to do and see during your stay in one of the hotels in Babylon ny. 

The village of Babylon ny is home to several historically notable buildings, and the town's very active historical society is always undertaking new preservation projects which make Babylon ny a notable tourist destination for history buffs.

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