Trend Pccillin Software

We hear horror stories every day about the damage that viruses can do. Destroying home computers, deleting vital data, crashing whole home networks. In order to protect against these dangers you need antivirus software, and that is where Trend Pccillin software comes into play. It provides not only antivirus protection but also spyware and adware removal as well.
When discussing programs that we don’t want on our computers, we usually break these software programs into three categories: adware, spyware and malware. These are the sorts of programs that we want to do away with when we are looking for an antivirus product such as Trend Pccillin software.

Adware, to put it in a nutshell, is a program which runs from our computer in order to display advertisements. These programs are usually downloaded as part of some freeware product download. Oftentimes the ads will only display when we are actually using the freeware program we originally downloaded, however sometimes ads will pop up any time we turn on the computer, regardless of whether or not the original program is running.

Spyware is generally downloaded in a similar method to adware, however it has a slightly different purpose. As the name implies it is spying on your computer. Generally it spies on your browsing habits when you are surfing the Internet. This information is then sent back to whichever company put the spyware program on your computer in the first place.

Malware is any sort of malicious software designed with the specific purpose of damaging your computer in some way. This includes trojans, viruses and computer worms. However just because adware and spyware are not designed with the specific intention of damaging your computer, they can often slow down your computer’s functioning by taking up processing power and slowing down your internet connection as well. All three types of software are something that you do not want on your computer.

Although malware is the more dangerous of these three types of software programs, adware and spyware are the more common problems. When you look for an antivirus program, though, you want to make sure that you find a program which detects and removes not only malware but adware and spyware as well. Trend Pccillin software does just that. In fact, popular computer web site C/Net said that the Pccillin product was the best antispyware program that they tested for 2007.

So where does one go to find out more about pccillin software? All you need to do is point your browser towards pccillin com. This will take you right to the official web site of Trend Microsystems, the company behind the popular Pccillin antivirus software. How much easier could it be? Here you can find out more about their products and better determine which is the right one for your home computer or home computer network.

If you want to give the Pccillin software a try before you actually hand over your credit card, don’t worry. Pccillin has a free trial available, like many antivirus products out there. You get a free thirty day trial of the Pccillin software to see if Pccillin has what it takes to protect you and your computer while you are perusing the World Wide Web.

If you decide that Pccillin is the right program for you, the price is only $49.95. This gives you protection for up to three machines, all on the same license. If you have three computers on your network this is a real money saver: many companies out there will charge you $49.95 just for protection on one machine and charge you more to add on extras.
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