Traveling To The Gulf Island For Vacation

If you are looking for one of the coolest place to take a vacation then you have to come out to Gulf Island. The Gulf Islands are islands that are in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of the Pacific coast (which happens to be Canada). The Gulf Island is a set of national parks that have unique ecosystems that are protected from commercials industries. This is a place where visitors can have an opportunity to explore and learn about amazing natural and cultural history.
The Gulf Island comes from the name Gulf of Georgia, and it is located in the Strait of Georgia. When talking about the Gulf Island they are usually divided up into two different groups. These two groups would be the southern and northern Gulf Island. The Gulf Islands are a great place for people to travel to and have a vacation they will never forget. All the major Gulf Islands are served by B.C. Ferries, and if you ask me, that is a great way to help keep the island a great national park. First, maybe we should talk about what a National park is. This is a place where ecosystems are protected from humans building houses and things like that. It is also a place where visitors have a chance to explore and learn about our worlds natural history. Going to the Gulf Island is a good way to get away from all the traffic in the city. A place to forget about your job and really enjoy time with your family. This is the whole point to a national park, and no park does it like the Gulf Island. You will be blown away by what you see on the Gulf Islands, and that is a good thing. This is something your family will never forget, and because of that, you will never forget this moment either.

The Gulf Island National Park Reserve was established in 2003 (which means it has been around for almost 5 years now). It became a national park as a way to help safeguard a portion of British Columbia and its beautiful Gulf Island. This was the first new national park reserve to be started in the twenty first century (now that is something to be happy about). The total area of the Gulf Island is 35 square kilometers big, and it is on an area of fifteen islands. Of course, the The Gulf Island National Park Reserve does not just protect the islands it also protects the marine area around the islands. It covers approximately twenty six square kilometers of water area. This is a place where they encourage you to experience this beautiful landscape. These are memories that you and your family will be able to take home and have for a lifetime. You could take your family on a vacation that everyone does (like go to a theme park), but why not do something out of the ordinary? Why not see what the Gulf Island has to offer? You will not be sorry you did.

When thinking about taking your next vacation I hope you think about taking your family to one of the greatest national reserve parks you can go to. This is a chance for you to spend some much need time with your family. Family time is something that lots of house holds across the world are missing, do not let your family be one of them. Go to the Gulf Island National Park Reserve today and you will be happy you chose to do. Of course, do remember this park is up around Canada and it can get really cold up there, so be sure to go during a time that you think will be good for your family, if you are going to go might as well have a good time. Not everyone thinks freezing to death is a blast to do, then again, maybe your family does. It is your choice of when to go, but make no mistake you have to go.
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