Toy Story - A Child's Heaven

Toy Story is an internationally acclaimed Academy award winning CGI animated feature film produced by the Pixar Animation Studio and released by the Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution in the United States of America. The film was the first specimen of the first feature-length computer-animated film ever released. The film was an instant success grossing $191, 773,049 only in the United States, leading to an amount of $354,300,000 in the international spectrum. The chief reason of its immense popularity lies in the concept of the toy characters in the room of a nine year-old boy, Andy, and the film is almost told from their point of view.
The film Toy Story commences with a boy named Andy who remains busy while playing with his toys. Some of his toys have peculiar names uch as Mr. Potato Head, which is a platic dinoaurtoy, but his favorite toy, Woody is a cowboy toy. He takes Woody into the living room and plays for some time with it. Well, there is a short interruption for talking to hi mom about his impending birthday party on that very day. The playwith Woody is followed by his helping to his mom, by carrying his baby sister to her. Now he is gone all the toys come to life! It is the sound of the party that makes the extremely nervous and wondering if Andy will ever get a toy that will replace them. In the meanwhile, Woody the self-prolaimed leader sends the small green soldiers downstairs to spy on the party. It is at this juncture Andy gets a surprise gift from his mother, that turns out to be a Buzz Lightyear action figure. It is to be noted, that Buzz does seem to be aware that he is a piece of plastic and believes himself to be on a special mission to save the universe from the raves of the Evil Emperor Zurg. This stance makes him a natural leader and the other toys take to him immediately, being impressed by his many features. But since there is already a tough contender on the field, Toy Story, also falls into the trap of contention. Woody throughout remains unconvinced and shows great jealousy towards Buzz, who might replace him as Andy's favorite toy! Finally, when Andy is told he can take only one toy with him on a trip to Pizza Planet, Woody tries to shove Buzz behind Andy's dresser, but instead knocks him out the window. When the other toys learn of Woody's actions, they think he has turned into a killer. They try to attack him, but he is rescued when Andy, unable to find Buzz, takes Woody on the trip. At a stop at a Dinoco gas station for gas, Woody finds that Buzz grabbed ahold of the family's minivan and is with them. With this there is beginning of a new fight, knocking each other out of the minivan, and are left behind when it drives away. Woody convinces Buzz to hitch a lift on a Pizza Planet truck, in order to return to Andy. Woody finds Andy there, but Buzz, still believing he is a real space ranger, climbs into a toy crane game, thinking it is a spaceship that will take him to his rival's location. Woody goes in after him, but the two eventually are found by Sid Phillips, who lives next door to Andy and is known to torture and destroy toys for his own entertainment.
The next part of the film Toy Story is a perfect specimen of the mutual rivalry of the two and also their intentions to supersede another. But in those secenes there are also glimpses of affections, mingled with shades of love, hatred and mirth. For instance, we perceive in the Christmas party scene similar to the birthday party, with the toys less worried about the new ones, save a slightly nervous Buzz. Mr. Potato Head is pleased to learn that Andy's baby sister has been given a Mrs. Potato Head. When discussing being replaced by a new toy, like Woody was almost replaced by Buzz, Woody poses the question to Buzz, "What could Andy possibly get that is worse than you?" The answer appears in the form of Andy's first present, when a dog's bark is heard, terming the end of the movie. In the year 2003, the Online Film Critics Society ranked the film Toy Story as the greatest animated film of all time.
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