Toronto Dating In Style

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area is the fourth biggest city in North America. As would be expected, Toronto is a very cosmopolitan city, and affords many opportunities for singles to meet each other. The Toronto dating scene is centered mainly around the lively dining establishments that litter the city, and those in the younger age groups there are plenty of downtown clubs where singles can mingle.

Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, and like many cities in Canada is can be very cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. Toronto is also an extremely multicultural city, it is in fact the first city in the world to achieve an immigrant population of over 50%. For this reason the women Toronto produces are amongst the most ethnically diverse in the world, and the constant mingling of cultures provides sparks for much of the Toronto dating scene. Many a woman Toronto counts as a citizen are upwardly mobile and liberal-minded. Not surprisingly, the Toronto dating scene is therefore quite vibrant and not held back by the conservative rules that govern some smaller American cities.

One of the keys to the Toronto dating scene is money, which is either a fortunate or unfortunate fact depending on the visitor's economic status. For those with money, the center of the Toronto dating scene bounces between downtown and Yorkville. The downtown scene is filled mainly with corporate workers dinging at expensive restaurants and pubs that line the bay street business area. The uptown Toronto dating scene is centered around Yorkville, a place most famously known to most outsiders as where celebrities congregate in September during the annual Toronto Film Festival.

Yorkville is a small, pedestrian-heavy area located just north of Bloor Street, between roughly Avenue Road and Yonge Street. This area is absolutely jam packed with art galleries, expensive boutiques, and fine dining establishments. The Toronto dating scene for the upwardly mobile will often center around places like the Pilot or Hemingway's, where after work drinks turn into night-long affairs. Yorkville is also home to the Toronto Four Seasons hotel, and star-spotting is a common and fun date activity during the warmer summer months.

Toronto dating for the younger set usually centers around the University of Toronto - the largest university in Canada. There is a massive influx of young people centered around the area known as the Annex - which is a large section of low-rise residential housing located in the heart of the city, close to the University of Toronto. The Toronto dating scene for the younger people in this area centers mainly around Bloor and College St. West. Besides many university-type bars and restaurants, there are many quiet sit-down type places that are suitable for a first date.

Those interested in Toronto dating should also consider one of the many outdoor areas in the city that provide opportunities for a quiet stroll on a date. One popular area is High Park, a massive park located in the western part of the city, accessible by the Bloor Street subway line. Here a Toronto dating couple will find many small ponds and enjoyable scenic walks. Another popular spot for Toronto dating is in the Harbourfront area. In the summer this area affords a strolling couple views of the Toronto Harbour as well as many areas to dine casually outdoors and take in live music entertainment.

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