Tony Scott's Movie Top Gun

When you think of some of the best movies that Tom Cruise has been in, one of the movies that usually come to mind is Top Gun. This is a movie about a Naval aviator who wants to be a top fighter pilot in the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School. This is a school that trains the top 1% of all Naval based aviators. The film came out in 1986 as a action movie and was said to have broke the home video sales record later on when it came out on video. This movie is full of great actors and actresses, and it is a must see if you have not already.
When you think of some of the best dogfights in a movie you may think of Top Gun. If you do, then you would be correct. This is a movie that not only had a great cast, but it also has some of the best dogfights on a movie since Firefox. Among the great actors and actresses in this movie you will find Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Tome Skerritt, Tim Robbins, and Meg Ryan. I think that this was a good role for Meg Ryan because you usually only get to see her in romantic comedies. This movie does have a little romantic comedy in it, but overall it is an action packed movie. Overall, Top Gun grossed a lot of money, bringing in over 353 million dollars in over all box office sales. Not only that, but after it was released on video it broke the home video sales record as well. Top Gun was a very popular movie and has a few movies to make fun on it (of course this happens with a lot of big movies). One of the most well know movies to make fun of Top Gun would be Hot Shots. Also, Top Gun had one of the 100 movie quotes off all time which was, “I feel the need.....the need for speed.” this was a great movie and many people fell in love with it when they saw it for the first time.

Not all went right during the making of this film. We all know that Top Gun has some amazing dogfights, but we know that someone had to be out there flying the plane. One of the real life pilots was killed during the making of this film. His name was Art Scholl, and the film was dedicated to his memory and what he did. It is very sad that a great pilot had to die, but at least his memory will live on. This movie was well received by the critics, and Roger Ebert said that the film was full of electrifying aerial scenes. This is the type of movie you will not soon forget. In fact, many people wanted to know what it was like for pilots to be flying around at those top speeds. That is why there was a roller coaster made after the movie, and, of course, the ride was called Top Gun. This is one of the best rides they have at Carowinds them park. I should know, I have been to this theme park and been on the ride, and it really is a great roller coaster. If you have never been to Carowinds to ride the Top Gun ride then you should take your family their to ride on it, it is very fun.

Top Gun is one of those movies that you are going to want to buy. It is not just one of those movies that you can rent and be done with it. Of course, with that being said, they movie is a classic and they play it on TV all the time. So even if you do not want to go out and buy it, you can more then likely see it on TV any time you feel like watching it. It comes on TV a lot because the movie came out in 1986, which was a long time ago. It is not new anymore so you can see it on basic cable. Also we have Top Gun to thank for the rise of sales for the Aviator sunglasses. These were Ray Ban sunglasses that where worn in the movie. After this film can out, you saw a 40% jump in sells. This is because it was worn by one of the main characters and people wanted to be cool like him. However, what they did not know, is that even after you buy them, you are still not a cool Naval aviator. Overall, Top Gun is a great movie, and if you have not seen it you should go out and get it today. You will not be sorry you did.
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