To Be A Really Good Bowler

From watching bowling on television you would think that bowling is easy and anyone can do it. If that were the case then what fun would it be? Bowling requires a lot of skill and a great deal of knowledge about what a bowling ball will do when you put a certain amount of spin on it and where to release the ball down the alley. It also takes a great deal of consistency to be good at bowling.
Bowling is a game that can seem very simple but in order to become a really good bowler you need to understand the mechanics of the game and understand how a good bowler can manipulate the ball. Bowling is a combination of a lot of wrist strength and a lot of strategy that bowlers never seem to get credit for. It may seem like doing the same thing over and over again but if you really try and accomplish the same thing over and over again without the help of machines or computers then you can start to appreciate how difficult bowling can be. Not only do bowlers have to strike the right part of the lane when they release the ball but they also have to know that the spin they put on the ball will draw the ball to exactly where they want it to go. It can be said, however, that when bowlers get into a groove there is no more consistent groove in any game than the groove a bowler can get into.

To be a good bowler requires a great deal of concentration and a lot of physical skill. Maybe not the kind of physical skill that would cause you to have the body of a Greek god, but the kind of physical skill that lets you manipulate the path of a bowling ball simply by the flick of your wrist. It never ceases to amaze an audience when a bowler will release their ball and it teeters on the edge of the gutter only to zing back across the alley in rapid fashion and crashes into the pins. In order to accomplish something like that on a regular basis you need to have a strong working knowledge of how the ball interacts with the alley and you also need to know just how much spin to consistently put on the ball. Now take all of that figuring and wrist flicking and add the pressure of playing in front of an audience as a professional on television for a lot of money. Your sponsors are watching and the whole country is watching and letting your ball slide one or two inches too far to the right can mean a gutter ball and sure disaster. Think about the skill required to be a professional bowler. Even the casual watcher of professional bowling has to admit that seeing a professional bowler throwing a gutter ball is unusual. Watching a professional golfer lose a shot into the woods happens everyday and a professional baseball pitcher is perfectly able to throw a pitch into the dirt every so often. But the professional bowler is not nearly as likely to let the ball slip into the gutter. The worst that can happen to a professional bowler is that they miss the sweet spot on the pin set up and the leave pins standing. Other than that to be able to consistently avoid the only penalty available in the game you play is a testament to the skill these professional bowlers possess.

Bowling is a fun family activity as well and it is something you can enjoy whether you have any skill in playing the game or not. For the amateurs that play on the weekends it is always an unexpected thrill when they get a strike or pick up that difficult spare. These are the things that professionals spend hours and hours working on to a professional a strike or a spare pick up is expected. Most amateurs attempt to spin the ball like they see on television but soon give up and go back to throwing the ball straight down the alley. Either way bowling can be a lot of fun and it can be a great family activity. But bowling can also be a life’s work that requires skill and precision to be successful and years of practice to master. Next time you go bowling try and see if you can flick your wrist just right to get that ball to go just where you want it to. Chances are that it will not be long before you start to appreciate the skill that goes into successful bowling.
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