Things To Do In Casper WY

With only 50,000 residents you might think that the city of Casper is a small place, but it offers up big fun! Here at the edge of the Laramie Mountain Range and at the foot of Caspar Mountain, you will be amazed at all of the adventurous fun you can have right here in Casper, WY. Come on out to the Cowboy State and see what everyone's talking about! You won't be disappointed.
Wyoming is a beautiful sight to see. Known as the Cowboy State it served as one of the greatest wild frontiers of the American west and you can see its cowboy roots everywhere you turn, especially right here in Casper, WY. It’s got all the benefits of city-life that you always love to have on board but with only 50,000 residents it’s not too big, getting you away from so much of that hustle and bustle that makes up city life.

Casper is the county seat of Natrona County, not surprisingly since it is the only city in the county. It is the second largest city in all of Wyoming; only the capital city of Cheyenne is larger and not by much (they have a population difference of only about 5,000 people).

Want to find yourself some western fun in Casper, WY? You’ll find it, no problem. Maybe you want to check out a rodeo? Casper’s got them. Perhaps you’d like to try to get on a horse yourself and go out for horseback rides just like the cowboys did in days gone by? You can do that too.

Or maybe you aren’t the out doorsy type but still want to experience some of the culture that comes from this great western state. The Fort Casper Museum in Casper, WY, is the place for you. You’ll get the chance to tour a restored true to life western fort which lies at the crossroads of a number of trails including the Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer and Pony Express trails. You’ll also see a number of fascinating exhibits on the rich history of the region, from the Native Americans up to the modern day.

Of course there’s more than just the Wild West to experience on your vacation in Casper, WY. Are you the sporting type? Why not go boating at the Alcova Lakeside Marina? Perhaps backpack kayaking will tickle your fancy? Maybe you want to get out and explore the trails on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)? Or just have a nice relaxing picnic with the family in one of the many parks in the city?

Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to see, there are good chances that you will find it right here in the city of Casper. With the mountain there you have plenty of opportunities for nature trails and some good old fashioned mountain climbing. Or you can experience the dining and nightlife to be found in Casper, WY. There’s plenty of shopping available too.

Some people find that they love Casper so much they want to buy some real estate there. If you’re one of these people there are plenty of places that you can check out to find out all you need to know about Casper Wyoming real estate. There are several real estate agencies in the city, most of them have web sites. You can also find yourself an MLS that deals with the area: an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will give you access to all of the real estate listings available for the city of Casper, regardless of what agency they come from. This is the tool that real estate agents use, now you can use it for yourself and bypass all the hassle that comes with working with a buyer agent that is more interested in getting himself a fat commission than finding you the real estate you are looking for.
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