Things to Do In Antioch, CA

The usual response to someone who is en route to visit the sunny state of California usually involves a comment or two about either the artistic district of San Francisco or the movie industry of Los Angeles' Hollywood. Sure, many do enjoy these historic sites as well as their glitz and glamour they provide, but many a visitor is searching for a little bit more than the anticipated fare. For those visitors, there is much to do in Antioch, CA!

Perhaps you have decided that this year you will spend your vacation in the beautiful state of California.  After all, where else can you enjoy sandy beaches, azure waves, snow skiing, dune buggy races, as well as traveling in the footsteps of the silver screen's greatest heroes?  Then again, maybe you have decided that this time around you will stay away from the touristy places and instead find a more unlikely travel destination.  On the other hand, perhaps you are a California resident in need of a relaxing and economical weekend getaway.  Where will you go? 

As a matter of fact, in Antioch, CA resident know, there is so much to do, see, and explore that visitors and residents alike soon realize that they have stumbled on a goldmine of activities!  Take for example the Prewett Family Water Park.  This venue is famous for its family friendliness and children of all ages will enjoy playing in the many pool, sliding the many water slides, and even learning how to swim here!  Only in Antioch, CA will you be able to find such a marvelous location that not only caters to families, children, and even the littlest ones, but also to large parties!  After all, several on-site banquet facilities make this the perfect location for a birthday extravaganza!

What else is there to do in Antioch, CA? Well, if you are an enthusiastic bowler, you already know about Delta Bowl, the premier bowling alley located in this city.  Of course, even if you are not a dedicated bowling aficionado, you will still be able to enjoy the fantastic event known as "cosmic bowling" where novices as well as seasoned bowlers love to bowl with glow-in-the dark pins, enjoy some hip music, and of course eat goodies!  For some added fun there are large screens that will display the latest music videos for everyone's enjoyment.  The atmosphere is one of a welcoming party, and you are invited!

For artists, is has long since been common knowledge that in Antioch, CA residents are ready to soak up art.  Whether you sculpt, paint, draw, play music, sing, or dance, the Arts and Cultural Foundation of Antioch wants you!  Did you know that artists are invited to submit their work for consideration to be included in any number of ongoing projects?  If you are a musician, there is the summer concert series that is always looking for new talent. Photographers of all ages and skill levels are invited to enter the Los Vaqueros Water Shed digital photo contest and display their best pictures. The eighth annual "Art in the Park on Front Street Fine Arts Festival" hosted by the Alamo-Danville Artist Society is a perfect venue to display your arts and crafts, and quite possibly you will be able to establish a following!  While artists love these opportunities, visitors to this city enjoy the many cultural events and displays that they can enjoy at any time.  It is truly a win-win situation!

As you can see, in Antioch, CA there is so much to see and do that the average visitor will readily spend many days and perhaps even weeks in this beautiful spot to take it all in.  As a matter of fact, perhaps you will want to make this town your vacation destination to experience some culture, take in some sun, and cool off at the first rate water park!  Hurry up before someone else discovers this oasis!

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