The World Of Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented actors in Hollywood. Her list of movies is impressive and so is her charm and popularity. Ms. Theron has a strong following of fans and she never ceases to amaze her audience with her great performances. Charlize Theron first came onto the scene with 2 Days in the Valley.
Charlize Theron first came onto the scene with 2 Days in the Valley. This was an out of the ordinary movie that also starred the famous James Spader, Jeff Daniels and Eric Stoltz. True to its title, the movie revolved around the story of ten characters and the things that happen to them within a two day period. Charlize Theron was said to do an amazing job. She went on from there to jump into a movie called Trial and Error and starred again with Jeff Daniels and also Michael Richards. This movie came out in the year 1997 and in that same year, she blew away audiences with the thriller starring Keanu Reeves: The Devil’s Advocate. This movie held fans mesmerized, as Reeves gave an incredible performance as a young lawyer in the suburbs. Married to Charlize Theron’s character, the two of them find themselves in New York City and led into a life of riches and popularity. Charlize Theron had quite a feat ahead of her, as her character is slowly driven insane by the devil, played by Al Pacino. She does a fantastic acting job of transforming herself from a happy suburban wife to a disturbed and manic New Yorker. Al Pacino does a great job as well, as the arch angel and has a great role of trying to reel Keanu Reeves into his web of evil.
Movies seemed to fall into the lap of Charlize Theron after that. Tom Hanks put Charlize Theron into his movie, That Thing You Do, which was the very first movie that the famous Mr. Hanks wrote and directed. It amazes some that Charlize Theron became such a popular actress; as she was born in South Africa and began her adult life as a model. Charlize Theron did modeling in cities like Milan and Paris. Eventually, Charlize Theron decided to travel to the United States and was drawn to the Hollywood life. She certainly has the beauty of a model and her fans are very happy that she moved into acting.
Other movies that Charlize Theron starred in are Might Joe Young, Celebrity, The Astronaut’s Wife, The Cider House Rules and Reindeer Games. Her fans are always thrilled to see her beauty upon the screen. Reindeer Games was a particularly well received movie with fans, as she starred with Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise. She fooled audiences, as her performance began with a naive young woman looking for love and the character that Charlize Theron played then turned into a money hungry, back-stabbing liar with a plan to get rid of anyone in her way. Both the characters of Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise fall prey to her beautiful but wicked ways.
Always ready to give her audience more, she then starred in The Legend of Bagger Vance, which also starred the famous Will Smith and Matt Damon. Other movies after that were Navy Diver, and Sweet November. Sweet November matched her up again with Keanu Reeves, as she played a lovable young woman who although dieing of a disease, brings Keanu into her life to offer him happiness. This love story remains a favorite among women who respect Charlize Theron and are attracted to Keanu. Charlize Theron then went on to make The Yards and Waking Up Reno. Her fans, of course, hope she will continue on with compelling movies.
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