The Wild Wadi Is Simply Three Words

As one of the most wondrous parks, the Wild Wadi Dubai, stands unchallenged both in majesty and entertainment. The legend behind the Wild Wadi says that the water park built over an almost magical oasis by Juha and his famous friend, Sindbad was prophesied to become a major entertainment attraction for the whole world. Wild Wadi fulfills the prophecy to the T!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have always been first on the list of places for the best money can buy, more so when money is in plenty! Limitless satisfaction and almost sinful luxuriating has been the other trademarks of the Emirates, and Dubai, a hot favorite for tourists.

The Wild Wadi, a 12-acre "paradise-on-earth" is almost a fairy tale in the land of entertainment. It is by far, one of the best water parks ever designed. Situated between the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, it's just a 20-minute drive from the city center. The fact that the Jumeirah Beach Hotel with 600 luxuriously appointed rooms, no less than 18 restaurants and cafes, serving almost every type of cuisine imaginable, is within walking distance of the park,  adds to the magic of the Wild Wadi. The water park is designed around an Arabian legend of Juha and his friend, Sinbad.

The Wild Wadi Dubai is part of the prestigious Jumeirah International Group. Jumeirah International is a leading hotels and hospitality group that manages renowned properties such as the Burj Al Arab, The Jumeirah Beach Hotel & The Emirates Towers in Dubai and The Carlton Tower & The Lowndes Hotel in London.

While the Wild Wadi promises and delivers non-stop out-of-this-world fun, it adheres to the best possible safety norms in the world. There are, at any given time, 90 lifeguards on duty; each trained according to the Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Program (regarded as the world's best lifeguard training scheme). Also, an independent team of experts inspects the park four times a year to ensure that the Wild Wadi's rigorous safety standards are maintained.

Of course, the best part of a water park is the rides. It guarantees a continuous adrenalin rush with the 80 kms/hour downhill hurtle on the 33 meter high waterfall, the 1.5 meter high waves at the pool, the 170 meter white-knuckle drop-ride or any of the 14 awesome interconnected rides. As for those who are more timid and laid back, the Wild Wadi offers hours of placid, lazy relaxation. It also has a very innovative hi-tech cashless shopping mall, owing to a prepaid electronic waterproof wristband that can be used throughout the park for any type of purchases.

There are other types of rides like the  Master Blaster Slides, best described as "uphill water roller coasters"; the Ring Rides which are downhill gravity slides. The Wild Wadi also boasts of the largest wave pool in the Middle East, the "Breakers Bay" which produces parallel and crossing 1.5-meter waves in five different configurations. Some other unmatched wonders of the Wild Wadi Dubai are, The Tunnel of Doom, which is an underground ride longer and faster than any ride of its kind, the Summit Surge that defies gravity and shoots riders uphill to a pool area and the Rushdown Ravine that has a 170-meter stupefying ride.

There is also a wonderfully a choreographed sound, light and water show, and The Fossil Rock which regularly fills up with 60,000 liters of water to create a "Flash Flood".

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