The Very Silly Zoolander Movie

The Zoolander movie is one of the funniest movies Ben Stiller has ever made and it remains today as a new age comedy classic. Stiller plays his role perfectly and in Zoolander the tables are turned when the guys are dumb models and the girls are smart people figuring things out. In the end Zoolander prevails even though he still really has no idea what in the world is going on.
The Zoolander movie is a comedy made in 2001 that starred Ben Stiller and was also directed by Ben Stiller. Along with Stiller was Owen Wilson, Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor, Stiller’s father Jerry Stiller, and Will Ferrell as the incomparable Mugatu. The cast is also sprinkled with other stars or future stars like Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich and the X-Files David Duchovny. The start studded cast delivers in this movie and all of the elements seem to come together perfectly to make one of the funniest movies ever made. The Zoolander movie turns the tables on what is accepted as the norm as the good looking guys in the movie are dumb models and the good looking girls are smart and professional. This change in traditional movie roles helps to make the Zoolander movie funny on more than just one level and also helps to increase its appeal to a wider audience.

The Zoolander movie is about a male model named Derek Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller, who has been the top male model in the industry for years until he was finally beaten by a newcomer named Hansel who is played by Owen Wilson. Zoolander has a difficult time accepting the fact that his modeling career may be on the decline so he begins a personal exploration that includes one of the funniest scenes ever filmed when in the Zoolander movie Derek Zoolander decides to go back to work with his father and brothers in the little mining town he came from. What makes the scene so funny is that Zoolander has no idea how to mine and treats the whole thing like a photo session from the less than rugged looking clothes he wears to the way he will periodically stop and do stereotypical model poses for a camera that is not there. Something like this should come across as pathetic but instead it is one of the funniest scenes in the Zoolander movie and Jon Voigt playing Zoolander’s father plays his role to complete perfection.

Over time Zoolander develops the urge to create a reading center for children and starts to work with an architect on the plans for it. As they always do, the architect built a small model of the proposed building so that Zoolander could see how the building would look from all angles. Zoolander looked at the model and asked “How will we fit such big people into such a tiny building?” It is this kind of thinking that drags Derek to what he thinks will be his big comeback as the model for the Mugatu line of clothing. What Zoolander does not know is that all of Mugatu’s clothing is made in Malaysia and the Malaysian prime minister is cracking down on cheap child labor. Mugatu decides to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister and he is going to brainwash Zoolander into doing it. The rest of the movie deals with the people around Zoolander finding out about the plan and trying to stop it before Zoolander kills the prime minister.

The Zoolander movie is worth seeing at least once and be ready to turn off your brain and do no thinking at all. It is a classic comedy that offers nothing intellectual and it does not pretend to offer anything intellectual and nor does it ever promise to. The Zoolander movie was a financial success at the box office and also brought in huge returns as a rental. Many people the world over were laughing out loud to the antics of Derek Zoolander and his friends in the Zoolander movie.
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