The Ups And Downs Of Using Instant Messanger

Instant messanger is a way that people can communicate in real time over the internet. It is usually a form of text messaging but recently things like file sharing and video conferencing have been added to enhance instant messanger. It is used by millions of people all over the world and it is also used by many businesses as well. It has its good and bad points and it also carries some threats to your computer as well.
Most people that are familiar with communicating through a computer on the internet have either heard of, or have used, an instant messanger. An instant messanger is a way that people can chat online and maybe even share files or use video conferencing. Instant messanger started as a very popular way for people to have casual conversations but many companies are starting to use instant messanger and that usually attracts the good, and the bad, people to the medium. A little primer on using instant messanger is some handy information.

There are many different hosts of instant messengers but the most popular are Microsoft Network (MSN), Yahoo, America Online (AOL), and IRQ. One of the more popular instant messenger providers in recent years is a provider called Trillian. Trillian’s software allows users to communicate over many different platforms of instant messenger. Now people on AOL can communicate with people using MSN where, before Trillian, this was impossible. It used to be that only the internet savvy used instant messengers and you had to really know what you were doing to use one. But with the recent influx of companies using instant messanger software, it is becoming more and more familiar to more and more users. Now there are millions of people all over the world using some form of instant messanger.

The way it works is that you choose the platform that you want to use for your instant messanger. Remember that if you choose Yahoo as your platform then the only people you can chat with are other people on Yahoo and those using Trillian. This is the reason that many people have multiple instant messengers on their computer. The next step is to create an email account with that instant messanger provider. This is mandatory as an instant messanger provider will not allow you to log on to their instant messanger system without an email account with that provider. After you have established your email account you then download the instant messanger software. From there the software will guide you through the set up process. Once you are done installing you are ready to chat!

Instant messanger is a great tool when used for what it was intended for, chatting and the exchange of information. Customers can contact companies and ask questions without having to dial the phone and wait on hold. Friends can set up times to get together and business associates can swap the files they need before they go to that big meeting. It is a real time, convenient, and fast way to trade ideas and information with people you know and with people you don’t know. Many people that like to use online dating services also like to use instant messanger to meet someone for the first time. An exchange of ideas through a comfortable medium like the internet is often a less stressful way for the more shy people to meet someone new. When used properly instant messaging is a great tool.

However some people use instant messengers as mediums to deliver viruses to other people’s computers and potentially try to steal personal information. You should always be careful when you get a chat request on your instant messanger from someone you do not know. Whatever you do, never accept to download a file from someone you either do not know or you just met. Many people have had their computers seriously damaged because they were not diligent in the use of their instant messanger software.

Instant messengers are great pieces of software when used properly and when you exercise caution. Always make sure you know the person you are chatting with and always be confident that a file you are downloading is not going to cause your computer problems. If you stay alert, and follow the rules, instant messengers can be a great deal of fun.
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