The Up And Down Career Of Demi Moore

Throughout her career Demi Moore has been counted out of the Hollywood scene more than once. When her marriage to Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis fell apart it was speculated that she may be done and when roles in terrible movies like Striptease gave more of a desperate impression than any talented impression Demi Moore was in trouble. But is she now finding her way back?
Demi Moore was born Demetria Moore on November 11, 1962 in New Mexico. Her natural father left the family before Demi Moore was born so she grew up with her mother and her step father Danny Guynes. Life was no picnic for Demi and her family as her alcoholic step father could not hold down a job so he moved the family no less than 40 times although they were able to spend a great deal of Demi Moore’s childhood in Eastern Pennsylvania. Demi Moore’s difficult childhood continued on into her high school years where her stepfather’s drinking and abusive ways finally caught up with him and he committed suicide while Demi Moore was still in high school. Reacting to her family turmoil back at home Demi Moore quit high school at age 16 and went on to a modeling career that saw her specializing in scandalous pictures with her wearing almost nothing and, in some cases, nothing at all. When she was 18 she married a rock star and by the time she was 19 she was a regular on General Hospital. But hard partying Demi Moore was a bad person to give a steady paycheck to back then and she spent most of her money on drugs. After 3 years her marriage failed and it looked like Demi Moore might disappear into a drug induced haze never to be heard from again.

In 1985 Demi Moore was offered a role the 1980’s Brat Pack film St. Elmo’s Fire but director Joel Schumacher wanted nothing to do with Demi Moore as she turned up to the set of the movie strung out on drugs and unable to work. In order to keep her role in the movie Demi Moore had to undergo a treatment program for her drug abuse. She went through the program in a week, came out clean, did the movie, and has stayed clean ever since. Demi Moore kept climbing the Hollywood ladder as her services were more and more in demand. In 1990 she appeared in the hit movie Ghost and that was the movie that set Demi Moore on a path to super stardom. This was also 3 years after her highly publicized marriage to Hollywood heavy hitter Bruce Willis. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis would continue to make headlines as Hollywood’s hottest couple. Then Demi Moore started to get movie roles that paid very well but became box office and critical failures. Her career was on a down slide.

The 1992 movie A Few Good Men was another breakthrough for Demi Moore but then the movies started to get panned. In 1993 the movie Indecent Proposal was panned by critics but audiences ate it up and it was a huge box office hit. Despite anything the critics were saying Demi Moore’s movies were hitting at the box office. Then in 1996 she was paid a record $12.5 million for the movie Striptease. The movie was a worldwide success but failed miserably in the United States. Demi Moore was getting a reputation as a demanding star as well as her backstage perks for movies earned her the nickname Gimme Moore. Demi Moore’s fall from grace was complete in 1997 when GI Jane bombed at the box office and Demi Moore could not find work. In 2000 her and Bruce Willis divorced and it looked like Demi Moore was out of the spotlight for good. But in 2005 she made headlines again by marrying the much younger Ashton Kutcher and then in 2007 she appeared in the critically acclaimed movie Mr. Brooks. Maybe Demi Moore is on the way back again.
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