The State Holiday Known As Nevada Day

Nevada Day is a state holiday that celebrates the day that Nevada entered into the Union on October 31, 1864. This day was first celebrated by the Pacific Coast Pioneer society around the 1870's. It was not until around 1933 that the state legislature chose to make it a state holiday and claimed October 31 the day to celebrate Nevada Day. However over the course of time the day has yet again been changed because they wanted to generate more interest in this fine Holiday. Till this day, Nevada Day is still being celebrated every year.
Its not everyday you get to celebrate the day your state got added to the union. It is a very fun day that usually shows a lot of pride for the people that live in that state. This is no different for the state of Nevada. Many people only think about Nevada as a place to go gamble, but it has a lot more history than that. Nevada Day is a day to celebrate the history of this great state and hang out with your family and friends. It is sad that we have to come up with holidays to get us to spend time with family, but if that is what it takes then that is what it takes. Nevada Day started way back when in the 1870's. During this time it was not called Nevada Day, but it was called Admission Day. After many years the state legislature chose to declare that October 31 would be the official day to celebrate this holiday. Of course, like many good things, it did not last. Much later in 2003 the legislature chose to move the holiday to the last Friday in October. Why would they move the date you ask? Simple, they were trying to generate more interest in Nevada Day. They figured if Nevada Day started off a three day weekend then people would be happier to celebrate it.

As of 2006 the official day to celebrate Nevada Day was October 27. I think it is funny to celebrate the admission of your state, four days before it even happened. Of course, no matter how funny it is, Nevada Day does generate more of an interest now. Everyone loves a three day week end (I know the kids do for sure) and what better way to start it off than with a holiday. How many different things go on in Nevada on Nevada Day? You will usually see events being set up everywhere and most of the time you can catch a float or two. It is really just a day to get family members to spend time together. Lots of families have cookouts and just spend time talking to each other. I mean, that is half the fun of a holiday anyway (well besides getting off work or school). I know that most of us do not want to admit it, but spending time with family can be very fun and rewarding. With the world changing so much, we may not have many more years to spend with our families. This is because we are all becoming to involved with work and we lose sight of what is really important.

Nevada Day is a great day, and I think all states should have their own day to celebrate, just like Nevada Day. Any extra time you get to spend with your family (in my eyes) is a very important time. Some people only have their family and they need to love spending time with them, and what better way to do that than on a holiday. This is because holidays like Nevada Day set the perfect mood for hanging out with people. It puts everyone in a happy fun going getting mood. It is not everyday you get to be with people that are acting like that. Do not let these types of fun times pass you by. You should plan something big for your next Nevada Day and do it with your family. If we could all do that, then maybe we can get back to what is important in life, and the most important thing in life should be spending time with people that are important to you. Nevada Day gives us that opportunity.
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