The Singles Saint Louis Dating Scene

The singles dating scene in the city of St. Louis is quite varied. There are a number of different clubs singles can join to speed date, meet for food, conversation, and beverages, or worship together. There are also several good bars and restaurants to use in the singles dating scene in St. Louis as well as some wonderful inexpensive dating locations that have received various awards.

Singles have an excellent dating scene in St. Louis. St. Louis has an excellent mixture of people that can make finding another single to go out with a very interesting experience. There are a number of singles groups available throughout the city. There are dining groups and wine tasting clubs for singles. Nik's wine bar offers seventy wines by the glass and a great singles wine tasting event every Wednesday night.

There is also a wonderful supper club for single professionals in which three men and three women are randomly paired based on age and interests. Progressive suppers, cocktail parties, and other events are held on a monthly basis for singles Saint Louis. There are also a number of speed dating groups available in St. Louis. St. Louis Hurry Date provides the opportunity for twenty five men to meet twenty five women for three minutes at a time in an interesting bar scene.

St. Louis pre-dating is another great way for singles Saint Louis to speed date. A single can meet ten other singles in quick five minute coffee shop type activities. Afterward, if there's interest, you can e-mail contact information to the other person and hook up again. Another dating offer for singles Saint Louis is eight minute dating. You get eight one on one dates that last eight minutes each.

St. Louis lock and key parties are another good way for singles to meet in a dating atmosphere. Men at the party are given keys while women are given locks. Each key fits two to three locks, so it can be interesting to try to match them up with other singles. The events usually involved several hundred professionals.

There are also a number of religious groups that focus on dating for singles Saint Louis. The Kirkwood United Methodist church has a group called SingleFocus that features a number of various activities for singles. The Central Presbyterian Church has two singles groups for two different age ranges. Both groups focus on biblical teachings and ministry opportunities. Grace Nondenominational Church offers a Sunday school class as well as recreation activities for St. Louis singles. The Young Adult Christian Singles group is not tied to any particular church, but offers activities, events, and worship services for singles in their twenties and thirties throughout the area. The Catholic Alumni Club of St. Louis offers events, including volunteer opportunities each month for singles in a large age range. The St. John Bosco Salesians have a volleyball game every Wednesday night for St. Louis singles, as well as other events. Additionally, there are several Jewish singles groups in the area.

In the dating Saint Louis scene, there are a number of great restaurants to consider. The Melting Pot won AOL's city's best romantic restaurant for 2005. Other good dating restaurants in St. Louis include Tony's, Top of the Riverfront, Sidney Street Cafe, Cafe Balaban, Malmasion, Eleven Eleven Mississippi, King Louie's, The Crossing, and Lynch Street Bistro. The best cheap dating in St. Louis for singles includes Soulard Farmer's Market, Club Viva, and the St. Louis Zoo.

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