The Sad Truth About Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders are actually malfunctions that are commonly associated with sex and sexually related activities. Individuals suffering from sexual dysfunctions have emotional or psychological problems that severely interfere with their sexual lives. Many individuals with sexual disorders have experienced some sort of sexual trauma in their lives.
For decades, medical scientists and professionals have studied the facts and causes of sexual disorders and sexual related dysfunctions. Such sexual disorders are all too common amongst men and women throughout the world. Fortunately, because of the persistent and constant study and strive for treatments and higher understanding of such dysfunctions, medical technology has greatly increased, allowing proper treatment and care to be given for victims of such disorders.

Sexual disorders and sexual dysfunctions are common amongst numerous individuals for a variety of different reasons. A sexual dysfunction also known as a malfunction is difficulty during any stage of sexual acts or sexual related activities. This includes all emotions affiliated with the sexual act such as orgasm, arousal, and desire, all of which are effected by the sexual disorder. Depending on the particular sexual disorder or dysfunction itself, these emotions are positively or negatively effected. For example, one person with a sexual disorder may be extremely promiscuous and sexually active as a result of their sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, another person may be dramatically opposite, and difficult to arouse or feel comfortable during sexual related activities. In most cases, the ability to have an orgasm is severely altered.

There are numerous causes for sexual disorders amongst men and women. Among the most common of reasons for the arrival of sexual dysfunctions is early childhood trauma that is sexually related. Studies have shown that individuals who have been sexually molested or even raped at an early stage in their lives are more likely to suffer from sexual disorders or malfunctions as they get older. The causes of such disorders can be physical or psychological. However, they can also be both physical and psychological. Female sexual dysfunctions as well as male dysfunctions are both common amongst individuals who have been sexually molested.

Sexual difficulties associated with common sexual dysfunctions and disorders may begin very early in a person’s life or they may develop after a person has experienced extremely satisfying and utterly enjoyable sex. This glorious sexual experience could eventually lead to either the constant desire and urge to experience more breath taking sexual acts or quite the opposite; no longer feeling the desire to engage in sexual activities. The strange thing about sexual disorders is the fact that they can occur all of the sudden out of the seemingly clear blue or they can occur slowly over a period of time and eventually build up to a severe case of sexual malfunction.

Common emotional problems associated with sexual disorders include marital and relationship difficulties, including lack of trust and lack of open communication amongst sexual partners. This can lead to serious, long term problems for couples, and is a large cause for breakups and divorces. All of these problems affect sex. Psychological factors affecting sex include guilt, depression, and past sexual trauma.
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