The Romantic Comedy She's All That

It seems like if you have seen one teen movie then you have seen them all, however, She's All That was still a pretty good movie. It was not a movie that I would go out and by, but if you have never seen it then you may want to give it a go. Like all romantic comedy films this one stars Freddie Prinze Jr. as the school hot shot. She's All That does not have a newer storyline to offer you than all of the other teen movies out there, but it is still fun to watch. This is going to be one of those movies that your girlfriend is going to love.
I think that it is a rule that Freddie Prinze Jr. has to be in every single teen romantic comedy movie. It has to be. Why else would he be in all of them? She's All That is your typical teen comedy about a hot shot guy who makes a nobody girl into someone amazing. At first he wants nothing to do with her then falls deeply in love, however, he has already pushed her away. Oh no! Is it too late to get back the girl of his dreams? Yeah, I know the storyline seems like a movie that you have heard before. Maybe because it gets used in just about every other romantic comedy movie ever made. Sometimes the director flips it on you. This is where the girl is the most popular girl in high school, and she makes the guy a hot shot like in the movie Can't Buy Me Love. However, just to add a little more salt to the wound it is also a remake to a film. Yeah, that is right all these teen comedy movies are not even based on their own ideas. It is just a remake to the old movie called Pygmalion. Of course, that same movie was also the movie that started the idea for the musical My Fair Lady. It seems like that movie started a lot of things did it not? Anyway, the movie She's All That is not a bad film. It will make you laugh and cry just like any other romantic comedy. In the end you always want to see the boy and girl to end up together. Otherwise, it is not a good movie. We do not want to be confused. We just want to be entertained. We do not want to know what would happen in real life, but just make a perfect fairy tale ending. That is what the people want, and that is what they get with every teen romantic comedy. Of course. that is not the only thing you get with a good teen comedy. You also get a lot of Freddie Prinze Jr. I guess because he is so dreamy.

Just in case you still do not know what She's All That is about I will lay it out for you. It is about your typical high school god named Zach. Of course, this is the guy that can do it all. He plays sports, he is smart, and he is a real lady's man. Because he is so great, he is dating the most popular girl in school (of course). However, his perfect world falls apart when he is dumped by her over spring break (so sad). Of course, Zach is unaffected by this because he believes that the most popular girl in school can be replaced. His best friend disagrees, and thus you have your bet. I mean, you knew it was coming. All teen romantic comedies have some kind of bet in it. In this bet Zach is going to take one of the unpopular girls in school, and turn her into the prom queen in just six weeks. Of course, unlike real schools this unpopular girl is really very hot, and is played by Rachael Leigh Cook. During this bet he begins to fall in love with her, and she falls in love with him. Happy ending right? Wrong! Then she finds out about the bet and hates him. Is he going to be able to get her back? You will have to watch the movie to find out. Of course, you can probably guess what happens.

She's All That is one of those movies that is fun to watch, but there is nothing really special about it. It is not a movie to go out and buy. In fact, I am sure you can see it on basic cable a few times a week. If you have HBO or something like that then you are going to see it on all the time. She's All That is your typical chick flick, but at least the main girl in it is very sexy.
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