The Role For Social Criticism Of Feminism Movements

For as long as there has been feminism, there has been social criticism of this issue. Women have had an uphill battle regarding women's rights and have always had to fight against people, groups and organization that pronounced criticism of the feminist movement. Perhaps this has helped in a way, serving as a strong force of motivation for women who refuse to believe the notion that men are somehow superior.
Feminism is a formation of several different women’s rights aspects including cultural movements, political movements and moral viewpoints that regard the rights of women and their rightful place in today’s society across the world. Not only has the creation of feminism and the issue of women’s right had to battle those who oppose them with social criticism of feminism, they also had to with battle within each other to define the very meaning of feminism and women’s rights.
There have been liberal feminists such as the famous Gloria Steinem, who believe that a woman’s liberation movement should focus on both sexes being equal. She believes that biological sex should not be the only aspect that forms an individual’s identity or gives them certain rights. Radical feminists strongly believe that their focus should be on stopping social domination and elitism. There are modern feminist groups that use political campaigns to fight for a woman’s right to her body regarding such issues as abortion, domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment. All groups have had to fight for social criticism of feminism. Whenever there is change, whenever there is some type of movement that strives to change the thoughts and philosophies of others, there will most undoubtedly be social criticism.
Women’s right organizations and feminist movements are now struggling to address issues that expand over the world. The events that happen in the Middle East and in some parts of Africa are appalling to many people and women’s rights groups are attempting to education and raise awareness of the sometimes severe events that are happening to women who live in those locations. There may be for social criticism of feminism; however that can not stop people from learning about the condoned rape, incest, forced prostitution, stereotyping and oppression that many women are suffering.
Social criticism of feminism has formed masculism, an organization that debates the rights of men. This group will argue that since feminism has raised such a high awareness, men are now being oppressed. For Social criticism of feminism is found in men claiming that the women’s movement has taken away the traditional role of men in the family. They will also say that men are discriminated against in such areas as father’s rights in divorce, which include joint custody or shared parenting of children of divorced parents.
Social criticism of feminism has created books that regard the feminist movements being accused of being fascist and that they have hatred toward men. Any member of a women’s right group or feminist group will certainly argue this point; as one of their primary points of focus is on the blatant mistreatment of millions of women. As long as there are women across the world that are not able to work safely and for fair wages, are forced into marriage, are sold into sexual slavery and are oppressed by men, for social criticism of feminism may try to stop feminist movements, but it may be an uphill battle for them.
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