There Is No Actor Like Rutger Hauer

There are a lot of great actors in Hollywood, but one of the best one has to be Rutger Hauer. This is a man that has been in some of the biggest movies I have ever seen, and I guess that is what makes him such a big name. After all, when you are in as many movies as Rutger Hauer, you bet that everyone in Hollywood knows your name. This Dutch actor has been in a lot of great movies, but his most well known one would have to be his work in the cult classic film Blade Runner. He is like no other actor I have ever seen.
I have seen a lot of great people come to Hollywood, but one of the best people I have ever seen would have to be the Dutch actor known as Rutger Hauer. This is a man that has been in a lot of great movies over the course of his career. However, he did not just start off a big name in Hollywood. In fact, it took him a little while to get going. He was one of the best actors I had ever seen in my life when I watched the cult hit film Blade Runner. This is the movie that really jump started Rutger Hauer career in America. After that, he was in a lot more movies including the movie that won him a Golden Globe, which was Escape from Sobibor in 1987. Much later in the year 2007, he made a autobiography that was called All Those Moments which was taken from his movie Blade Runner. He has been in a lot of great movies so it is easy to see why they made a book about him. Of course, my favorite movie that he had ever been in would have to be Sin City. Of course, 2005 turned out to be a big year for Rutger Hauer. In this year he not only did Sin City, but also Batman Begins, Dracula III Legacy, as well as The Poseidon Adventure. Later on, he was in the movie 7eventy 5ive. After that, you can also see him in the movie called The Hunt for Eagle One. This is a man that just will not stop making great movies, and because of that, he is going to be in a lot more movies to come. The more movies that he is in, the bigger his name gets. It is hard to know that Rutger Hauer could get any bigger, but at the same time, his name keeps getting bigger every year. If you start in all the movies that he starts in, every year you would be a big shot in Hollywood as well. Of course, it is hard to get your foot in the door a lot of times. However, when you start off with a movie like he did, it is easy.

After watching a lot of his movies I see that he is a man that can play just about any role that he puts his mind to. I think this is something that is great, because I hate when someone plays the same role over and over again. You have to be able to break away and play a lot of different movies, otherwise, you are going to be seen with the same look for the rest of your life. However, when you are able to do any role that is put at you then you know that you are going to be the number one person to talk to when doing a movie. The only problem that Rutger Hauer has is that he cannot do all the movies that is given to him. He has so many people wanting him to do movies that a lot of times they have to be turn down, because he has a lot to work on. Of course, if you do get Rutger Hauer on one of your movies you better believe that it is going to be a great movie no matter what you do. After all, you need a great actor to have a great movie. They are the people that drive the movies after all.

I have seen a lot of great movies, and I have seen a lot of amazing actors. However, I have never seen movies as good as the ones that Rutger Hauer has been in. He is a true master of his tread and will always be highly talked about in Hollywood. If you have not seen a lot of his movies then you do not know what you are missing, because he brings a lot to the big screen. I hope to see him in a lot more movies to come. After all, it is hard to keep an actor like Rutger Hauer down. That is how good he is.
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