The Polygamy Wives Beliefs and Behaviors within Their Community Sects

If you are traveling through a quaint, small town somewhere in the Southwest, things may not be exactly as they appear to be. Some of these so called "charming" towns and communities are hiding a horrifying and dark secret about their community. Polygamy is believed in and being practiced right in these places. Sects of polygamist locate themselves in these communities which are of an isolated nature, where their secret can be kept under control. Communities such as these support marriages of polygamy wives whom may even be under the age.
There are many polygamy wives living in a community sect that is in support of the polygamous lifestyle in the state of Arizona, called Colorado City and located in the County of Mojave. This city of Colorado polygamy can be intensely private and isolated, especially in small areas like this. Visitors are not prohibited but they are not made very welcome either. Polygamy wives and their children fall under the strict control of their husbands and their sects leaders.

Many polygamy wives are married to much older men by the time they reach about fourteen years in age. Some may be even younger when married off to these men. These young women only receive a level of the eighth grade, if there lucky enough not to have been married before then. The education they do receive is controlled and taught by schools that are private and parts of the religious sects and communities in which they live.

A group calling themselves The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes that they must have polygamy wives of three or more before they can be granted access into Heaven’s gates. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons do not have anything to do with this sect and they do not condone anything to do with polygamy anymore. Any members of the Church who are found practicing polygamy will immediately be excommunicated. Their belief and practice of having polygamy wives ceased around the 1890’s. Follower’s who did not want to give up this practice broke off from the Church and formed their own versions which suited polygamy.

There have been polygamy wives throughout history. Did you know wives numbering in the hundreds were had by Israelites of the ancient times? It is also rumored Solomon the King had over 600 polygamy wives and half that number in his concubines.

The three types of polygamy which are practiced consist of men who marry just one woman but who keep and support a mistress or mistresses, Men marry and divorce, marry and divorce and keep this routine going for as long as they care too, the last type involves men who does not marry but keeps a lot of mistresses in his company.

Polygamy wives have to share their homes, husbands and children with other women and never get a lot of complete alone time with their husbands or to themselves. Some polygamy wives have problems with their husband sharing his intimacies with these other wives and tend to get jealous of the time he spends with another wife. Many polygamy wives have gotten to the point were they can’t continue on in a relationship like this and left the sects or communities. This is very hard to do as they are watched almost all the time and most often if they do get away from their husbands they are found and sometimes separated from their children. It takes a truly courageous woman to beat the fears the other polygamy wives haven’t beat and leave.

Many women who were once polygamy wives are able to go out and have a truly regular kind of life for themselves. They find a man who loves only them and is faithful to them, have happy children together and live out the rest of their lives with just each other in happiness and sorrow.
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