The Perfect Party Dress Should Be Versatile

Finding the perfect party dress could take weeks or months depending on both the event and the woman. To be prepared for any last minute invites, every woman should have shoes and party clothes at the ready in her closet, starting with the age-old "little black dress" which can be dressed up or down, depending on the time of day and event. A woman should also be ready to use the same party dress for more than one event.
Depending on the occasion, a woman’s party dress will vary in style. There is no “typical” party dress for any occasion, but there are guidelines. For example, if the event is formal, such as a prom, evening wedding, charity ball, or high profile awards ceremony, the attire required may be formal wear. Formal party-wear for women usually consists of a gown, usually floor-length and made of glamorous materials such as silk, organza, tulle, or chiffon. Evening wear comes in every color of the rainbow, but typically more dramatic colors like red, black, and royal blues appear most often.

If the party event is not quite formal, but not casual, perhaps a bridal shower brunch, baby shower, graduation ceremony, or day wedding, the party dress would not be a gown, but perhaps a pretty tea-length frock, made of linen or a cotton blend. For these less formal, daytime events, pastels and light colors are usually the best bet.

Regardless of the event, even if a woman or girl has plenty of party clothes in her closet, a shopping trip may ensue. Many women do not like to wear the same dress to similar events. Usually, little girls take a lot of pride in choosing a special party dress, especially if the party in question is for their own birthday or special event. Some women take shopping very seriously as well. Perhaps it stems from certain conditioning as a child. However, finding the perfect party dress could take days or even weeks.

One of the ultimate party dresses is the wedding gown. The wedding is usually the party of a lifetime for most couples. Little girls and single women of all ages dream of the design and day they get that perfect wedding dress. Finding this dress could even take months!

As an adult, a woman should have certain staples in her closet, and party clothes are the first of these staples. An adult woman will usually attend several parties a year, all, which may have different purposes. For example, in the winter, there are the office holiday parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s parties. In the spring and summer, she may be invited to one or more weddings. Depending on her social schedule, she will need to keep a stock of party essentials, in case of last minute invites.

Everyone has heard of the “little black dress”. Well, the little black dress is the party dress to have. First and foremost, the little black dress is a party dress staple. A good black dress can be dressed up and dressed down with the choice of accessories. For example, if the event takes place during the day, a woman can wear the simple black dress with a string of pearls, small earrings, subdued make-up, and medium height heels or sandals. The same dress could be used for an evening event by wearing the black dress with diamond earrings, a sparkling necklace or bracelet, red lipstick, and high black heels. For a more dramatic effect, she could choose red high heels or other bold accessory. The most important thing is that this little black dress – the perfect party dress, should be versatile.

As with any choice in attire, the perfect party dress depends on the event and the woman’s personal style. While there are always guidelines as to what type of dress, color, and material should correspond with which type of event, there are no strict rules. The fashion police will not show up as long as the dress is tasteful and comfortable. And remember, any party dress can be used for more than one event!
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