The Online World of Atheist Dating

So you're an atheist. Don't believe in God, don't care about God, definitely don't want to be dating people who believe in God (or whatever analog their own religion happens to believe in). So where are you to go to meet atheist singles? The answer is clear: atheist dating web sites. There are plenty of them out there, and they can be a great place for you to start your online matchmaking quest.
So where are you to go to meet atheist singles? The answer is clear: atheist dating web sites. The Internet is full of dating sites advertising themselves on religion. Christian dating sites. Mormon dating. Muslim dating. Jewish dating. Even Buddhist dating! But what about the atheist? Is there anything out there for the atheist looking for companionship? Not to worry, there are plenty of atheist dating sites out there too. Use the unbelievable capabilities of online matchmaking to find yourself new atheist friends.

One of the biggest issues of compatibility is religion. Religion can be a powerful connective force, it can also completely destroy, mutilate and eviscerate a relationship. How many marriages and relationships have you heard of that were broken up over the issue of religious belief?

Fortunately for you, being an atheist, you don’t have any sort of these religious hang-ups. But what happens when you run into a theist who disapproves of your secularist, non-believing ways? This is where the world of atheist dating comes in: it allows you to meet up with people through the World Wide Web whom you know are atheist, so there aren’t any fears about what religion your potential girlfriend/boyfriend might happen to be.

Online matchmaking is a massive world, and these days there are web sites to service just about any type of person with any sort of taste. Some sites deal only with the world of online dating, others are virtual communities with dating as only one of its many focuses.

One such virtual community that you can find very useful in your quest for online atheist dating is Secularity, a free online community. It offers all the services that you’d expect to find with popular virtual communities such as MySpace, with one simple catch: Secularity is a web site only for secularists, atheists and agnostics.

Don’t think that Secularity is the only web site out there for atheist dating, there are many, many more. Atheist Passions, Free Thinker Match, even some more general online matchmaking web sites have sections catering specifically to atheists, such as iMatchup.

Such web sites allow you to create your own personalized profile, telling your potential matches everything they need to know about you. The virtual community sites often allow you to create your own complete web site, blog, or whatever else you might desire.

You can also search through the profiles, web pages and blogs of other members. Meet up with new people, make yourself some new atheist friends, these are mere stepping stones on the way to the world of atheist dating. Atheist dating services allow you to make dates with atheist singles you meet, and just maybe you’ll find the person of your dreams.

After all, that is what the world of online dating is all about, isn’t it? It can be hard to find people in the real world, especially with our busy, busy lives these days, social networking can sometimes seem impossible. But online atheist dating allows you to find atheists in your local area (or not, whatever you like), without all the hassles and problems which have for so long characterized the world of dating.
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