The Olympic Salute Is Not Used Anymore Today

Back before World War II there was a thing that was done at the Olympic games called the Olympic salute. The Olympic salute is something that can be seen on many of the official posters of the Olympic games that took place in Paris in 1924, and then in Berlin in 1936. Of course, after World War II the salute was not used anymore. In fact, the Olympic salute is something that has a lot of Nazi reference attached to it as well. Because of this, it is something that people do not like using at the games and it has been banned.
The Olympic salute is a variant of the Roman salute that was used during the Olympic games. The salute looks much like the one that was used for Hitler's troopers to salute him. Because of this, it was not used after World War II anymore. The Olympic salute is where your right arm and hand are pointing up to the sky at an angle with your hand flat out with your palm down. This was suppose to show that the Olympic games were aiming higher than all the other games played around the world. Of course, because Hitler used the same Salute during World War II, you can see why people banned it from the Olympic games. Of course, you can still see this salute being used in some of the old official posters of the Olympic games. In fact, you can see it in the 1924 Pairs poster that was at the games. Then you can see it again in the 1936 Olympic games that were held in Berlin, Germany. During the 1936 games, the French team entered into the stadium doing this salute. Later on, this was used to say that the French athletes were greeting Hitler as they entered into the stadium. Of course, after that in World War II, Germany took over the French so it does not make much sense. Because of the Nazi reference of the Olympic salute, it is no longer used, and it was banned. However, there is no official statement of it being banned at the Olympic games. It is something that is just said to be true. Of course, I do not think that anyone would run in there and do the Olympic salute. This is because everyone would think they were doing the Hitler Salute. A lot of people joke around about doing this type of salute, but it is not really funny at all. The Olympic salute is something that has a lot of history behind it, and because of that, it is something that should just be laid down to rest. After all, it is not worth hurting anyone's feelings by doing this salute. I mean, we want everyone to have a great time, not be upset.

The Olympic salute is something that is never going to be forgotten. However, not a lot of people knew that it was for the Olympic games, and most people just think about the Hitler Salute now. However, it is something that was started before that, and it should not be credited to Hitler. After all, he is not the person that came up with it. I think that it is sad that the Olympic games cannot use it anymore because of what that man did to everyone. That just shows how one person can ruin things for everyone. If you have ever seen the Olympic salute being used in a poser you should hold on to that poster because it is very old. That is something that could be worth a lot of money. In fact, that would be something that is a collectible. I love learning about history and the meaning behind many different things. I think the history for the Olympic salute is a long and dark one. You will hear a lot of different things when talking about many the Olympic salute. This is not something to take lightly.

It is funny how one person can mess up things for everyone. It is also amazing how one little motion can have so many different meanings, both good and bad. Usually a salute just has one meaning, however, this one had a lot of different ones. The Olympic salute is something that is going to remain in the history books for the rest of our lives and then some. Things like this you just have to lay it down to rest.
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