The Old Egg And Spoon Race

It doesn't matter whether you are running a single race or a relay, you can learn a lot from the old egg and spoon race. The old egg and spoon race combines so many essential elements of life into one even that it is hard to discount it. The race combines balance, speed, agility, hand/eye coordination, patience, vision, and most of all the ability to maintain a steady hand in a pressure situation.
The old egg and spoon race, or you can just call it the egg and spoon race, is a fun filled event usually played at picnics or family gatherings that actually helps you learn to combine many of the elements you need to be successful in life all into one event. You don’t even need to pay attention to learn these lessons, all you need to do is become really good at the egg and spoon race. There is also the popular image of the egg and spoon race being ran as part of company picnics down through history and traditionally these egg and spoon races at company picnics are relay races involving teams of people. It is not a coincidence that the egg and spoon race is run at company picnics and it is not by chance that they are relay races run at company picnics either. The egg and spoon race as a relay is an excellent way to combine all of the elements that come from the single game into a team atmosphere and that is good business.

So what important elements of life are part of the egg and spoon race? The first most obvious life talent found in the game is balance. For this we are just talking good old fashioned physical balance. If you want to get anywhere in life you need to be able to keep your feet underneath you and you can start to perfect that skill in the egg and spoon race. Next is agility. In order to win a race where you are balancing an egg on a spoon you have to run faster than everyone else in the race without losing your egg from the spoon. This takes great agility as to be smooth on your feet is essential for success in the egg and spoon race. Next is hand/eye coordination. In order to keep that egg on that spoon the hand has to do what the eye tells it to. The eye sees the movement of the egg and the hand compensates for the movement to prevent it from falling. It is classic hand/eye skills and they are taught in this game.

Next is patience and this one is as obvious as balance was. It requires great patience to be able to keep that egg from rolling off the spoon during the race and patience like that can only be an asset in life. You need great vision to wind the egg and spoon race. You need to be able to see the whole race course in front of you and map your way through it to win. Natural obstacles like rocks and holes need to be accounted for and you need to be able to navigate yourself to the end. This takes great vision. Finally it takes a steady hands and nerves of steel to keep that egg on the spoon and if you do not possess those nerves of steel then you cannot win. What a great way to learn some of the more important human attributes needed to succeed in life.

Now take all of those important attributes and put them into a team setting like a relay egg race does and you can start to see why companies find value in this. The employees think they are just running a simple egg and spoon relay race but the managers know that they are learning teamwork. The teams are usually made up of people that work in different departments and it is meant to show those people that it is possible to work with other people in other parts of the company. Of course there is always the possibility that one or more teams find frustration in working together and cannot benefit from the lessons that can be taught from the old egg and spoon race but that is the price you pay when you are trying to teach life lessons to the people that matter to you.
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