The Name Mean don't make sense

Names are a part of human beings existence. A name is a part of a person’s identity. Naming a person should not be taken lightly. However, name mean doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, it is important not to put too much pressure on children to live up to the meaning of their name. Besides, some of the meanings behind names are a bit strange.
Names are a part of every country’s culture. In fact, some cultures even have special naming ceremonies. The Jewish culture has a tradition of giving people an English name and a Hebrew name. However, people usually call that person by their English name. I am Jewish so I have two names an English name and a Hebrew name. Most people that have both English and a Hebrew name like to be called by their English name and usually forget about their Hebrew name altogether. Names are certainly a vital part of person’s existence because others need to know how to refer to each person that they meet throughout their lifetime; however, the name mean is a bit strange because it seems hard for people to live up to the meaning behind their name. For example, the name Franklin means a wealthy landowner. What if your son named Franklin doesn’t grow up to become a wealthy landowner, what happens then? I think that the Franklin is a character in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. In addition, the name Melissa is Greek for honeybee The only thing that could make parents name their baby daughter Melissa is that they think that she is sweet and also wish her to grown up to be sweet to other people. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact it is sort of sweet. Sorry, I could resist that little joke. But, all kidding aside, putting much emphases on the name mean is a bit strange and it places a bit of pressure on the child to live up to the name mean. Naming a child a certain name may depend on what culture and what country the child is born in. For example, there are names that are names that are given children that are born in Mexico or Spain such as Juan, Miguel, Ricardo, Maria, and Margarita. If you were born in Ireland you may have the name Molly, Kara, Deirdre, or even Ireland. Jewish names can include Rachel, Moses, Esther, and √Član. There are many American names to choose from; in fact there are many men called Steven, John, or Robert. There are also many girls named Jennifer, Kimberly, or Ann. I like creative names, probably because I am a writer and an artist. However, when naming a child, please remember there is a fine line between creativity and insanity. I like the name Savannah Jade because I think the name Savannah Jade is both and exotic. I even like the name Ireland because I like the country of Ireland and I think that the name Ireland is an unusual name for a girl. However, there is no reason to give children names like Audio Science or Pilot Inspector. Those two names are just two examples of what is meant by the claim that name mean is a bit strange. If the child doesn’t become either a pilot or an inspector then that name was wasted on the boy. Besides sometimes names meaning can lead to constant ridicule and teasing from mean classmates. Some children can be quite mean so choose the names of your children carefully. Did you know that sometimes people name their children without knowing that there is any name mean attached to the name that they give to their child? Not everybody knows that the name Savannah is Spanish for barren. People probably think that the name Savannah Jade is just another very pretty name. Some people don’t think about the name mean that they give their children because raising and happy children are hard enough without having to be worried about the meaning of their children’s names. Besides, the meaning of names probably will have no bearing on how your child turns out. That is why the name mean doesn’t make much sense.
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