The Most Beautiful Wedding Locations in Sacramento

If you are ready to say your wedding vows in beautiful Sacramento, you will want your day to be perfect. You will go through great pains to have a gorgeous wedding gown, to make sure the groom is dressed to the nines in a suit or maybe even in tails, and you will oversee the dress choices of your bridesmaids. You are probably also very involved in the planning of the reception. Yet have you considered your options for wedding locations in Sacramento?
Bridal shops in Sacramento will be most helpful in referring you to reputable wedding planners who will take the stress out of almost all weddings. Yet very often the bride and groom leave the choice of wedding locations up to either the wedding planner or to the minister of their religious community. While there is nothing wrong with either path, are you sure you are getting your pick of the perfect wedding locations in Sacramento? Sure, your wedding planner has been – figuratively speaking – down the isle hundreds of times, but is she familiar with all the wonderful sites and sounds that Sacramento has to offer, or is she a bit limited by locations she is accustomed to working with?

One of the well known wedding locations in Sacramento – well, perhaps just a bit out of town – is the now famous but formerly infamous Forest House. This location began in the year 1860 as a house of “ill repute” and gambling hall. Since then it has grown into a three-story hunting lodge that celebrates its traditions and history in a tasteful display of mining supplies. No longer associated with any “ill repute” the Forest House has become a famous destination for marrying couples who are looking for an extraordinary backdrop to their ceremonies. Visit any of the bridal shops in Sacramento, and you will most likely encounter brochures featuring this most famous of wedding locations in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Of course, if you are looking for traditional wedding locations in Sacramento, then one name that comes up time and again is the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. This gorgeous location with its stained-glass windows, gilded ceilings, and hallowed atmosphere will allow those who desire a religious ceremony to have an unforgettable experience. Yet be forewarned! This is a highly popular location and the cathedral staff strongly urges couples who are considering taking their vows at this location to contact them at least half a year before the actual wedding date to make sure that the day they are looking for is still available on the calendar! Usually, ceremonies take place on Saturdays during three time slots, or also on Fridays during a time that may work for the couple as well as the officiating priest.

Another one of the very popular wedding locations in Sacramento is the Julia Morgan House and Gardens on T Street. This mansion is a wonderful combination of luxurious rooms, light and airy rooms, water-gushing fountains, and gorgeous flowers. Whether you desire an indoor or outdoor ceremony, this location is sure to meet your needs and tastes! Once again, because this is a popular wedding spot, make sure you let the hosts of this location know well in advance that you would like to book their facility for your event!

As you can see, there are so many beautiful wedding locations to be found in the city of Sacramento and its surrounding areas that it is not surprising that couples will come from all around the city and even further away to plan their nuptials to take place in one of these breathtaking locals.
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