The Joy Of Throwing Surprise Parties

Many people who throw surprise parties feel that surprise parties are almost as much fun to plan and execute as they are to attend. There are a variety of challenges to throwing a successful surprise party, including figuring out how to send surprise party invitations without letting the guest of honor in on the surprise. Whatever your favorite party of a surprise party is, it is hard to imagine a more delightful way to celebrate a friend or loved one than to throw them a surprise party.

Surprise parties are some of the most delightful celebratory occasions that humanity has devised.  Surprise parties allow the guest of honor all of the fun and enjoyment that come with throwing a party, but surprise parties relieve the guest of honor of all of the stress and preparation that can make throwing a party difficult.  Throwing surprise parties is gratifying for the hosts, who can rest assured that the guest of honor is able to relax and enjoy the party.  Knowing that the guests of honor at surprise parties are glad to be able to relax and enjoy the festivities makes the work that goes into planning and throwing surprise parties feel sweet and enjoyable instead of tedious and stressful.

One of the most delicate aspects of throwing successful surprise parties is coming up with a way to send out surprise party invitations without letting the guest of honor know that you are planning a surprise party.  Surprise party invitations are best kept oral rather than written.  When you send out written surprise party invitations, there is always the chance that the guest of honor will stumble upon one of these invitations at the home of someone who has been invited.  Rather than taking the risk of sending out surprise party invitations, it is far preferable to communicate in person or by phone with the people who you are planning to invite to your surprise party.  When the information about the party only exists in people's conversations and memories, there is much less chance of the guest of honor finding out about the party in advance that there is when there is written information about the surprise party left lying around on coffee tables all over town.

To get the maximum impact from your surprise party, it is a good idea to get everybody together with plenty of time before the guest of honor will arrive.  If the party is in full swing when the guest arrives, everybody will already be in a good mood and the guest of honor will be able to seamlessly merge into the party without having to worry about any of the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies the beginning of a party.  When the guest of honor is nearby, everyone is meant to hide in the dark until the guest of honor walks through the door.  When the guest of honor flicks on the light switch and enters the room, the more people jump out from behind furniture to shout "surprise!" the bigger the smile on the guest of honor's face will be.  For many people who enjoy throwing surprise parties, this moment when the guest of honor discovers the surprise party is the most rewarding part of the whole evening.  For other people who find satisfaction in throwing surprise parties, it is equally enjoyable to figure out discreet ways to communicate the invitation to potential guests.  There are many enjoyable aspects to throwing a surprise party, so if you are thinking about throwing a surprise party for a friend or loved one you can look forward to having a lot of fun.  Of course, the person who is meant to have the most fun at a surprise party is the guest of honor, but the host of the surprise party and all of the guests usually enjoy the surprise party almost as much as the very lucky recipient.

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