The Internet as a modern source for Buddhist Dating

For those who believe in Buddhist philosophy, finding a partner in life is quite difficult. The lifestyle practices of being a Buddhist include the meditation sittings and reading more books about compassion. Buddhism is basically a lifestyle rich in philosophies and teachings about compassion, forgiveness, peace and sympathy. But the end of singleness for Buddhist had ended because of the modern technology offered by the Internet for Buddhist dating.
Buddhist singles only date Buddhist fellows. This is merely because of the same philosophy and belief they both commonly have. Buddhist singles believe that if they date a partner who also practiced Buddhism, sharing of thoughts and lives would be much easier rather than dating someone who has different practices on faith, devotion and belief. Buddhist singles would not prefer a mixed partnership or romantic relationship because of the problems that may arise.

Sources have been created for Buddhist dating including opened print publications, which are nothing new at this present time. But the most accessible source of finding a Buddhist date is the Internet. Internet has not only been a source for buying commodities, online hotel reservation and booking and other related online activities, but also a modern source of online dating most likely for Buddhist singles. Despite the fact that, Buddhist singles have the difficulties in finding partners Buddhist dating is still gaining its popularity.

Internet is the best place for Buddhist dating because it made the lives of Buddhist singles much easier in looking for life partners who also believe and practice Buddhism as well as making a love connection with each other and later on decided to pursue a romantic relationship together. With the benefit of using an Internet for Buddhist dating, a lot of Buddhist singles had been paired up and rates are still increasing. This has been very good news for Buddhist singles as they don’t have to worry much on looking for a life partner. Internet has been a very powerful tool for Buddhist dating as well as any other online dating activities. It has been a great source of building a future with someone who also believe and enjoy the same kind of beliefs and practices as yours without any compromises on strong philosophical and religious beliefs.

On the other hand, a lot of Buddhist singles still find difficulties in searching for the perfect Buddhist partner of their dreams as well as similar mindset. This is because of the not so large enough dating pools available on the Internet for Buddhist singles. This is one problem that most Buddhist singles are facing nowadays as far as online dating technology is concerned. A decent size of dating pool available for Buddhist singles is hard to find on the Internet, which is mainly because of the tiny and numerous online population of Buddhist singles. Because of this reason the breakout of romantic isolation for Buddhist singles on the Internet is happening.

The growth of Buddhism population for online dating has been very tremendous on Western countries of America and Europe. Because of this reason, Buddhist singles resulting to clogging of the membership mainstream had populated some of the large online dating sites. is the largest online dating site for US and European countries with more than 9 million active members composing mostly from US part. The membership rate for this largest online dating site is believed to be increasing by 10% every month and that includes Buddhist dating rate.
With the rapid growth of online dating technology, Buddhists recently launched last 2007 their own online dating website. The website is called DharmaDhate or, wherein its objective is to consolidate all Buddhist singles worldwide that are open for online dating, friendship and marriage. The system designs of DharmaDate website are very similar to other online dating sites except that the approach is adapted to the needs and interests of Buddhists.
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