The Inevitable Decline Friendship

As time goes by people's lives sometimes take different paths or their ideologies change and clash with people they have never clashed with before. Such is the fate of some friendships. Even the closest of friendships can sometimes become the victim of the changing times and it can become apparent to both friends that the views they shared years earlier no longer apply as they have gotten older.
As people go through life sometimes their views on things changed or their station in life takes a drastic change. Often times the decline friendship long held are the victims of this change and it can be a painful realization that someone you considered your closest friend has now seen such a decline friendship that you hardly talk anymore. The miles can become a huge buffer and even though our society has developed many effective means of communication a decline friendship can sometimes occur simply because one friend has move away and the ability to get together with that friend is no longer as easy as it used to be. Friendships are sometimes built by convenience and the true friendships can withstand these challenges but if the friendship is weak to begin with then any number of factors can cause a decline friendship.

Having a true life long friendship can be one of the most difficult things in the world to maintain. If a relationship requires too much work to make the arrangement livable by both sides then maybe it was not meant to be in the first place. This is the challenge that all friendships face as people grow and life situations change. There have been scores of movies made about the pending split of two childhood friends and how they fear that split is going to affect them. But fear is no basis for maintaining a healthy and long lasting friendship and friendships that are clung to because of fear will usually dissolve in the not too distant future. What galvanizes a friendship and stamps that friendship as solid is the ability to mold and shape itself to the changes that life throws your way.

For example, let us say that someone has two friends that he or she met when they were relatively young, young enough for life to not have completely taken its course for the three of them just yet, and they start to experience life changes. One of this person’s friends gets married and moves just one town away but the friend becomes so absorbed in their new life with a spouse that does not approve of the friend that the two friends just drift apart even though the feeling is that they were very close. The second friend gets married and moves several states away but, even though contact is just over the phone and through email, that friendship grows and prospers even though the prospects that the two friends will see each other again are meager at best. This is the strange workings of human relationships and it is usually best to let life take its course.

Friendships are more fragile than people can realize and even the most bullet proof of friendships can find itself torn to pieces by the passage of time and the changes that life brings. The old saying that you really see who your friends are when life throws changes at you is very true and as you age you learn that fighting the changes that life can bring is one of the most futile fights you will ever take on in your entire life and it can also be one of the most painful experiences you will ever have as well so be prepared to feel the wrath of changing times.
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