The Headache Pregnancy Causes

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are many, and often misinterpreted. Some symptoms are tolerable while others, such as morning sickness, can actually keep you from functioning normally throughout your day. One of the other debilitating conditions of pregnancy is a pregnancy headache. There are few things like it and the headache pregnancy causes can be attributed to a few different things.
During pregnancy, your hormones are going absolutely wild! Therefore, the frequency of a headache pregnancy causes can be magnified. These are usually tension related headaches and the signs and symptoms are similar to those experienced by others who are not pregnant. How pregnancy increases the number and severity of headaches is not scientifically proven, but one accepted idea is that lack of sleep and stress brought about by the impending birth is a contributing factor.

Pregnancy should be a wonderful time in a woman’s life; a time when she is doted upon, paid special attention to and told how wonderful she looks. The changes in her body’s shape will limit her to doing things she can do so comfortably. These changes will also cause difficulty in her ability to do things she once did with out any problem. Washing the dishes at the sink will be more challenging and uncomfortable as she must lean over to reach the area, which puts pressure on her abdomen and back. Husbands, this is a time when you can seal your title of “the world’s most wonderful husband” with a small back rub, foot rub, or by picking up around the house when she is tired.

The headache pregnancy causes can cause increased fatigue, irritability and feelings of mild to moderate depression. A woman who once was so slim and fit is now looking in the mirror to see another person all together…someone who is fat in the face, the legs, and her feet are even too big for her shoes. This condition only adds to the headache and causes more stress. This type of pain is like a tension headache, but is compounded by these looming thoughts, hunger, which is resisted due to the incredible amount of weight already gained by the second trimester and the inability to do things comfortably.

Lying down to rest is even impossible sometimes as the baby continues to grow, the space between mother and child diminishes. The foot can actually been seen through the abdomen of a very pregnant women and while this is a fascinating freak of science, it reduces the amount of sleep a woman gets if the baby isn’t on her sleep schedule. The headache pregnancy causes is also complicated by the fact that these new and different positions that are increasingly becoming necessary to maintain puts pressure on different bones, joints and muscles. This causes soreness and swelling, which are not welcome side effects either. With this change in posture, the brain is constantly being told that something is not right, couple that with the extra weight you are now carrying, the headache pregnancy causes should be treated right away for optimum comfort in the least amount of time.

Tylenol, Advil, or any other form of Ibuprofen should be safe for a woman bearing these headaches to take as directed. Should you experience a headache pregnancy shouldn’t cause, like migraines, etc., it is important that you notify your doctor and seek medical treatment as these can be signs of something more serious.

Enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. For those of us who have done it many times know, it’s an experience that you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life.
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