The Great Mob Movie, The Godfather Part III

If you like Mob movies then you are probably a big fan of The Godfather movies. If this is true then you have to make sure you see the 1990 movie The Godfather Part III, which (as you more than likely can guess) is the third film in the trilogy. The Godfather Part III was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and was written by the director and Mario Puzo. This is the final film in the trilogy of The Godfather movies because it completes the story of Michael Corleone, who was the Mafia godfather. This is a movie that you will never forget after you see it.
One thing that made the 1990 movie, The Godfather Part III, so good was the way it weaves in real life events. Although the real life events are fictionalized, it does bring a type of real life to the films and makes them feel almost like they really happened. Some of the real life events that The Godfather Part III brings into the movie is the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 and also the Papal banking scandal of 1981. The Godfather Part III takes these real events and links them to Michael Corleone. Of course, the story is not the only thing that made The Godfather Part III a must see movie. It was also the stars that were in the film. Some of the big named stars were Al Pacino, Talia Shire, Joe Mantegna, George Hamilton, Bridget Fonda, and that is just to name a few. Either way you look at The Godfather Part III, you will see that this was a great movie hands down. However, a lot of people felt like The Godfather Part III was the weakest link in a great trilogy of Godfather movies. When you look at it, maybe it was, however, whenever you are the weakest link in a group of American movie classics, that still makes it an amazing movie to watch. If you are going to watch The Godfather movies you have to see all three of them to get the full effect of the story.

The Godfather Part III usually gets pretty positive reviews when you look up ratings for it online. This is because The Godfather movies have a huge following of fans, and they love all the films. In fact, if you look up the rating for The Godfather Part III on Rotten Tomatoes you will see that it gets a seventy-six percent out of one hundred. Which, overall, is pretty good. Of course, there is no easy way to say this, but The Godfather Part III is still the weakest link out of the first three Godfather movies. One of the most common heard criticisms is that Sofia Coppola's (who was one of the stars in the movie) acting is to outlandish. Also, too many people felt like The Godfather Part III was too much based on a continuation of the other movies. That being said you can guess that this means that The Godfather Part III is not a stand alone movie, and you have to see the other movies to understand what is going on. If you have never seen the first two it is impossible to understand the third film in the trilogy.

This is a very good movie and if you have seen the other Godfather movies then you have to see The Godfather Part III. This is a movie that is going to bring together all the loose strings of all the movies. Because of this I feel like it is a must see for those of you that are fans of The Godfather movies. Of course, The Godfather movies are must buys for anyone's DVD collection, and that makes The Godfather Part III a must buy as well. If you have never seen The Godfather movies then you should go out and see them right away, because you do not know what you are missing. This is a great movie, and the other movies were just as good (if not a little bit better). I love the Godfather movies, and if you have never seen them, you cannot call yourself a movie lover. These are movies that have some of the best story lines you are ever going to find in any film. So if you are ready to watch a great movie then you need to go out and get the movie The Godfather Part III, you will not be sorry that you chose to get it.
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