The Great Acting Style Of Woody Harrelson

When you are thinking for great actors, one of the people that you are going to think of has to be Woody Harrelson. This is a man that was born back in 1961 and is one of the best actors I have ever seen. He is more than likely best known for his movie White Men Can't Jump, but he has been in a number of other great movies. Woody Harrelson is like no other actor I have ever seen, and I think this is because he has his own great acting style. He is going to keep making movies for a long time to come, and that is good for everyone.
Woody Harrelson is an American Academy Award nominated actor. He is also a winner of an Emmy Award. He has been in a lot of really great movies, but some of his movies are a little bit more well known than other. Most people really got to know Woody Harrelson when he was in the hit sitcom called Cheers. In this show he played as Woody Boyd, and had many great fans by the time the show ended. After that, he broke into movies, but one of the ones that he is most known for would have to be White Man Can't Jump. This is a movie that he starred in with Wesley Snipes. Of course, another great movie they did together was called Money Train, and was one of my all time favorite movies. Later on, he was in some other great roles including Natural Born Killers and one of my favorite movies, The People vs. Larry Flynt. As you can see he has been in a number of great movies, but my all time favorite movie came a little bit later. When I saw Woody Harrelson in the cult classic film called Kingpin, I knew that he was a great actor. This was a movie that I can never forget about, and that is because it was such a fun movie to watch. In fact, this is a movie that I have in my DVD collection, and is very well known on television. In this movie, he plays a great bowler who loses his hand when messing with the wrong people. After that, he knew that he would never play bowling again. Later on, he finds a man that turns out to be great at bowling, but the only thing is that he is Amish. This leads to a pretty funny movie that Woody Harrelson does a great job in. There is no movie like it, and if you sit down and watch it one time you are going to have to watch it again. In fact, I own the movie, and I still watch it every time it comes on television. This movie is one of a kind, and is a must see.

There are a lot of great actors out there that have a lot of different acting styles. However, in the end it seems like they all end up in the same type of movie all the time. In fact, unless you are a great actor you always end up doing the same movie over and over again. However, this is not the case for Woody Harrelson. He did such a great job in all the movies that he was in that everyone loves to cast him. In fact, I have never seen him in a role that he has done more than once. I love his great acting style, and it is a lot different from other people. At the same time, I think that is what makes Woody Harrelson a great actor. You have to be different from everyone else to be able to stand out in a crowd. If you are just like everyone else you are never going to stand out in a crowd, and that is going to leave you doing the same movies over and over again. That is not something you want to happen in Hollywood.

After watching a few of Woody Harrelson's movies I know that he had something that other people did not. Woody Harrelson is one of the best actors of today, and I hope he start in a lot more movies to come, which I do not see being a problem. Every time I turn around he is in another great movie, and he made the movie his own. I think that is what makes movies something you never forget. When an actor can make the movie he is in different from all of the other movies, he has been in then you have a great actor, and Woody Harrelson is one of the few people in the world that can do that. So go out and see his movies; you will be happy you did.
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