"The Game" Has Just Begun

"The Game" is an outstanding movie by David Fincher, who directed a marvelous film. The movie has a very different storyline and theme to it. No other movie has yet come up with such an exhilarating idea. Michael Douglas is casted in the movie as a leading role who really gave a performance that can never be forgotten. “The Game” is a movie that is a must watch, a nonstop exciting rollercoaster ride that will keep you spinning till the end of the movie.
David Fincher who was born in Colorado in 1963 and raised in California started his career in showbiz when he was just a teenager while working in an animation company. Later on in the year of 1981 – 1985 he became a director of television commercials and music videos for solo singers like Aerosmith, Madonna and Paula Abdul. David Flincher has been a recognized director having to direct prominent movies like Alien 3, Fight Club, Se7en and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom in his career.

“The Game” (1997) followed two years later than the movie “Se7en” and was a lot more hyped return for Fincher. Audiences had forgotten about “Alien 3” and thought of “The Game” as his sophomore effort. While not the box office success that Se7en was and for some people a disappointing mild thriller compared to his previous film, “The Game” has the same atmosphere of dread and personal darkness. The movie is about a sick wealthy banker who after signing up for a “game” suggested by his brother entourages a danger that causes him to rediscover his humanity. The explicitly moralistic, trick ending turned off some. While the plot frequently defies logic in favor of obvious surrealism, the film, which is as depressing and gripping as you would expect.

The director of “Se7en”, Fincher was selected to direct “The Game” (1997). In the clever thriller, Michael Douglas plays a prestige banker with inherited wealth who is haunted by the suicide of his father in the midst of more than a simple mid-life crisis as his 40th birthday approaches, the day when, in his own life, his father chose to jump to his death. This all starts when Nicholas van Orton (Michael Douglas) brother (Sean Penn) convinces Nicholas to sign up for a game that will end up changing his life and making it more fun and exciting. Nicholas is curious enough to accept the offer and signs up for it right after that he visits the CRS, administrators of the game, number of events start to take place that threatens his status, life, money and everything in his life. His home is wrecked, before passing the security he finds out that his briefcase is filled with Cocaine and Polaroid which could have gotten him caught and imprisoned him for the rest of his life. He is driven into the river by a taxi driver who is in on the action and, after being told that his most valuable bank accounts have been emptied, he is drugged and left for dead in Mexico. Nicholas brother never laid out the rules of the game so the audiences are kept as confused as Michael Douglas himself as shown in the movie.

“The Game” is an appropriate title; the audience is playing its own game as Van Orton is playing his. Multiple things would run through your mind during the movie but every thought or solution you think of comes out to be unfitting to the whole situation. The movie is a great mind game. For those who think they are good at it might want to watch this movie and find out if they are as good as they think they are. The events, threats that unfold in the life of Nicholas are so confusing, fearing and frustrating that the audience just can’t wait to see what happens in the end. The thought that the movie might end up without a solution or a final result made me want to kill myself. But luckily the solution is shown and it is the most splendid ending I have ever seen of a movie. It really does make you understand the title of the movie “The Game”.

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