The Far Out History of Hippies Clothes Man

The groovy era of the 60&'s brought about lots of change especially in the women's fashion scene, referred to as hippies clothing mostly. These clothes showed the independent and free side of women all over the World. Women were busy fighting the fight for women's rights and equality and their clothes represented these ideals and beliefs. One favorite dress of the 1960's which has come into the fashion scene again recently is the dress called the Shift. The Shift was straight up and straight down and usually made in mute and neutral colors which were on the plain side of things.
Hippies clothing was really taking on new trends in the earlier years, especially after man was sent into space and to the Moon. Boots called “Moon Boots” were a huge commodity as were goggles made of plastic, cat suits in shimmering and glimmering shiny fabrics and even hats that resembled helmets the Astronaut’s wore. People couldn’t get enough of this style at the time.

The model called Twiggy was a big inspiration to many women in the hippies clothing era. She had a fabulously slim body and all the new fashion styles just seemed to look perfect when she modeled them.

Hippies clothes inspired by art with an optical illusionist nature was another one of the big hits of the 60’s too. Fabrics with enormous squares, zigzags patterns, massive circles within smaller circles of black and white patterns and even fabrics that contained three dimensional effects that gave the clothes movement appearance.

The art of tie-dyeing in shirts, skirts, and dresses was a popular form of hippies clothes. There are people who still make and buy tie-dyed t-shirts to this day.

Hippies clothes became even bigger in popularity with the arrival of the famous concert Woodstock, so did hippies drugs popularity too. People started emulating the performer’s looks and accessories. They started growing their hair too long lengths and accessorizing with many beads in different styles. Some kept their shoes off and went around with their feet bare, while others started wearing sandals, men and women alike. Jeans and pants which were in style at the time included the bell-bottom and the drain pipe pants. The bell-bottom started flaring around the knee downward into a bell shape and the jeans known as the drainpipe were very straight and resembled the look of a drain pipe. These jeans are have come back into popularity today in the fashion scene.

Bright, bold and loud is a good description of hippies clothes. The boot known as the “Go-Go” were one of women’s favorite items; stores were at times running low on them. In some ways, the “Go-Go” boot has lead to the creation of the styles in boots we wear today.

Sweaters in hippies clothing included ones that were chunky, hip length and made of mohair or double knit fabrics. They could be worn with skirts of knee length or extremely tight pants. Sweaters like the polo neck and the turtleneck also became common sights and are still in existence now. These type sweaters were worn under a jacket that had no collar to it.

Coats in hippies clothing consisted of full length variations which had shawl like collars, coats made of fur were made with a much straighter line to them and another popular coat was called a Nehru coat and in almost every teenager’s closet. A unique trend in coats was that of the reversible coat, his was usually made from the fabrics of plaid or tweed and used with a suit or dress that matched the jacket’s material. Cape jackets were another exciting trend. This jacket’s often included a hat called a deerstalker in matching fabric to go with them.

Besides hippies clothing being big in the 1960’s, the hair was even bigger. A cut known as the Bob became trendy and in style by Vidal Sassoon. Women’s hair flowed freely and either was kept very short or extremely long and had the sexy look of falling over one of the eyes.

The 1960’s era was a time of freedom and love with the hippies clothing style element showing the cultural concepts and beliefs of the day. Make up, Hair and clothing were all bright, fun and flirty. It is funny how trends from the past go out of style only to reappear 20-40 tears later as the “it” thing in the fashion scenes.
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