The Element Of Ensuring Your Pets Hotels When Traveling

There will most certainly come times when you will be traveling with your dog; either by car or airplane. There is a lot more involved than just putting your dog in small crate and taking off. To ensure your companion's safety, happiness and to make the trip more enjoyable for all; it is important to follow certain traveling guidelines. Most importantly, if your destination is a hotel, you must be certain to locate pet's hotels.
Never leave for a vacation without double checking to be sure that you will be staying at places friendly to pets, hotels are not always accommodating to pets and you must be sure of this. If you have decided to bring your dog with you on an airplane, you must plan wisely. You should choose to bring your dog on an airplane only if you have no other alternative. The stress of flying may be great upon your dog; most dogs will be happier in a safe kennel or with friends or relatives.
Some airlines will allow you to crate your dog and keep them with you, under your seat so you won't need to seek for the pets hotels. The size of the crate must be measured carefully and you must check with the specific airline on which you will be traveling to make certain that if this is indeed allowed, what size dimensions are acceptable. The last thing that you want to happen is to arrive at the airport and discover you can not take your dog into the passenger area with you.
If you have secured a pets hotels stays with you and you will be traveling by car, preparation must begin long before you wish to leave. If your dog has rarely been in your car, it is important to have your dog become accustomed to the feeling of being in your automobile. This can be done by taking short rides with your dog; ensuring that the destination offers a reward; such as a dog park, a friend’s home that has a dog for yours to play with or other location that you know will make your companion happy.
If traveling by car, you can use a crate or seat restraint for you pet. Just as if your dog was a little person, they can sit on one of your car seats and have a canine seatbelt securing them into place. Never attempt to finagle your own car seats to accommodate a dog. A dog seatbelt can be purchased for a relatively low price at most pet supply stores. This device will attach a harness to your car’s seatbelt apparatus.
It is wise to bring some of your dog’s favorite toys; it will help keep them distracted and busy when on a long trip. This will also keep your pet busy for your pets hotels stays. If you are planning on driving very far, it is a good idea to bring your dog’s veterinarian recorders showing proof of vaccination history, including rabies shots; as each state has different requirements. Some states require health certificates for interstate traveling; always check with your veterinarian before you plan to leave. Also, if your dog unfortunately becomes ill during your travels, it will be a good thing that you have the records.

If you are planning on taking a vacation, it is understood that you may desire to bring your dog, as they are part of the family. However, put a lot of thought into your options. If your vacation plans include a lot of activities in which your dog will not be allowed to taken to, they may be much happier in a safe kennel or with friend or relatives. You don’t want one of your pets hotels to be the only sight they see. If you will be staying at a hotel, be sure to call ahead to confirm that the hotel will allow a dog to be in your room. It is possible to find dog hotels. If you will be traveling to a destination that is dog friendly and you are certain you wish to bring your dog; by following these safety tips, it can be an enjoyable and fun adventure for all.
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