The Crazy Movie Zoolander

If you're looking for a crazy and wacky movie, then go get Zoolander. This movie was directed by Ben Stiller which, if you have seen him in any other movie, has his style of comedy all over it. If you don't like his off beat sense of humor, then Zoolander may not be the movie for you. This is a movie about two male models battling each other for the top spot of male models. It's full of crazy humor and slap stick jokes that some places find unsuitable for their country and have actually banned it.
This is a movie about two male models battling each other for the top spot of male models. Zoolander is a comedy film directed by Ben Stiller. It's actually a movie based on two short stories written by Drake Sathes and Ben Stiller. The plot of the movie is not a deep one, but most of us don't watch these types of movies for the plot. It's about two male models, Derek Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller) and Hansel McDonald (played by Owen Wilson), who both want to be the King of the male modeling world. Zoolander is already on top, but he's being challenged by an up and coming model, Hansel. It's a simple plot, but that's all you need in a slap stick comedy movie. There are a few stars that don't play major roles in this movie, but they do make a cameo appearance. One of these stars is Paris Hilton. I mean who better to be in a model movie, than a model. Of course, not all went great during the making of this film. One author by the name of Bret Easton Ellis claims that Zoolander the movie is based off his novel Glamorama. Whether the claim is true or not, nobody knows.

Zoolander is rated PG 13 here in the United States, but was banned in some other countries. In Malaysia, they deemed it “definitely unsuitable” because of how it depicts sweatshops. Other countries, like Singapore, banned it because of its excessive use of drugs. I feel that there was not an over use of drugs. I think most of the United States felt the same way because it was only rated PG 13. The use of drugs was to add to the comedy of the film. I think that most people blow it out of proportion. Its not that they were promoting drug use, more like they were making fun of the over use of drugs. This is the same thing with the sweatshops. Zoolander was trying to take a real world problem and turn it into comedy. This is something that needs to be done. We have to be able to laugh at things we have done wrong. If we can't make fun of ourselves then we can't learn from our mistakes. That's the whole point of making mistakes, so that we can learn from them and see how to fix the problem form happening aging.

This is a movie that is meant to be funny. Some places didn't see the comedy in this film, but then again Zoolander is not for everyone. If you like the movies that Ben Stiller has performed in, then you will like this movie. If you don't then avoid it at all cost. This is not a realistic movie at all. The comedy is not like his movie Along Came Polly. It's more off beat and not realistic like his role in Dodge Ball. It's nice to see so many big named actors and actresses in this movie like Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Paris Hilton. I love movies where you get a whole bunch of well known performers together to work on the same project, because then you can add a little bit of their personalities into the movie. All actors and actresses have their own “thing” to add to a film. This is a funny movie, and if you're into comedy, then you should rent this movie. It's not a four star movie, but still pretty good. This is a movie that will let you see the “true” side to Ben Stiller and his writing.
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