The Consequences Game For Families

The Consequences game is designed to help parents teach their children about consequences in a fun way. This game is for the children aged three and up and will help you reinforce positive behavior in about fifteen minutes. Teach children about brushing teeth, sharing toys, going to bed on time and more. Start out on your colorful stone path but watch out for the quiet room! Be the first one to reach Waterland and you'll be the winner.

Are you looking for a fun way to reinforce positive behavior in your children? A new game, Consequences may be the ticket. This engaging game is designed to teach children as young as three years old, the consequences of both good and bad behavior. Positive behaviors that are reinforced include brushing your teeth after meals, cleaning up your room and you may even include your own examples of positive behavior in your household on six blank cards included with the Consequences game.

Consequences can be played in two different ways: the first way is to play only with positive cards that have smiley faces on them. This is the best way to play with the toddlers who are just learning how to play simple board games. The second way is to play with the smiley face cards and the sad face (negative) cards. Young children can also play a separate matching game with the smiley-faced cards.

To play a regular game with four players use all of the 36 cards. Each player moves around the board by rolling a colored dice. If you draw a negative card you must roll the dice and move backwards the same number of stones as are on the dice. The positive cards will move you forward along the stone path. When you draw a card you should decide if what has happened on the card will have positive or negative consequences and why. If a player lands on the quiet time room they have to stay there until they draw a positive card. Special cards add interest to the Consequences game. Players can draw a Skippy Stone card, which allows them to roll the dice again. The Ice Cream card allows players to move forward to the ice cream store. If a player lands on a red stone they can take the slide down and avoid going through the park. The first player to land in the Waterpark wins the game.

The main benefits of the Consequences game include teaching children about the positive and negative consequences of their behavior. Other benefits include teaching young children how to match colors and pictures, counting and how to take turns. The time it takes to play the game depends on the ages of people playing it.  Small children can play the game in ten minutes, if you remove the sad faced cards. Playing the game with four players and all of the cards will take about fifteen or twenty minutes. 

The Consequences game was the brainchild of Kevin Daly. Kevin decided that after watching television and seeing all of the crisis children faced that he could teach his children the consequences of their own behavior in a positive and constructive way.  He couldn't find a game on the market that addressed this need so he decided that he could make his own game for his children, aged three and seven. The end result was the remarkable game, Consequences, that can help parents teach their children about discipline in a fun game that doesn't take much time to play.

Consequences is an ideal game for parents that are always stressed for time, but want to spend the little time they have on a worthwhile endeavor. Children enjoy the game because it is so colorful and it is fun to use both the positive and negative cards with their cute illustrations. Many groups can have fun and benefit from the use of the Consequences game including daycares, preschools and kindergarten classrooms.

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