The Christianity And The Christian Way Of Living

The Christianity is one of the major religions of the world, that preaches loving one's neighbour, compassion for all living beings and devotion and piety towards God. The cornerstone of this religion is the Messiah, the Son of God, the Jesus of Nazareth. It is believed that the Christ was sent down by God Himself, in order to uplift mankind from its passions and sins.
The Christianity

The Christianity is one of the major religions of the world. This ancient religion is monotheistic in nature, that is, it believes in the existence of one God. According to the Christianity, the Jesus of Nazareth, also referred to as the Christ, is the Messaih and the Son of God. The Hebrew term ‘Masiah’ has given rise to the word ‘Messiah’, meaning the ‘King’ or the ‘Anointed One’.

The Old Testament had predicted that the Son of God would descend on the Earth in order to save mankind from its sins. The Jesus proved this prophecy right by laying down His life for the cause of mankind.

The Christianity is widely practiced in the Americas, Europe, Philippines, Southern Africa, India, China, South Korea, Oceania and many other countries of the world. The term ‘Christian’ refers to that which belongs to ‘the Christ’. Christians all over the world believe that the entire mankind will attain salvation by surrendering to the grace of God. Only this, they believe, will free them from the clutches of ‘original sin’, that is, the naturally sinful nature of human beings.

Jesus Christ was the Divine Conception, born to the Holy Virgin Mary, aided with the benevolent power of the Holy Spirit. The ancient Gospels talk of Jesus’ life right from His birth, childhood, the several miracles He performed during His time and most importantly, His teachings of peace, love and surrender to God.

Christians across the world believe that Jesus was man and God combined. While He underwent mortal suffering in His human form, He never sinned in His life. In His Godly form, He defied death and resurrected Himself, thereby proving His divinity to the rest of the world. The Christ was accused of blasphemy and the then Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, had Him crucified for rebelling against the existing religion.

According to the Christianity, God raised His Son from death on the third day, when the Jesus appeared to His disciples and apostles.

All about Christian life

Talking about Christian life is actually relating the basic tenets of the religion, which are as follows:
•Christianity believes in the Oneness of God, the fact that God is One.
•They consider Jesus the Son of God, who came down to save mankind from sin.
•Christians believe that forgiveness is next to God, that one can attain Godhood through one’s forgiving nature.
•Christians also believe in life after death and the existence of Heaven and Hell after death.
•The Christianity believes in the Trinity, the God as the Father, Son as Jesus and the Holy Ghost. All the three are but several manifestations of the One God.
•Prayer and visiting the Church is fundamental to the religion. While many Christians pray to God, others offer prayers to saints or to Mary, the Mother of God.
•Catholics believe that those canonized by the Church are a medium to God and hence, must be respected as such. Protestants, however, do not believe in this tenet.
•The religion believes in baptizing an individual to symbolize his commitment towards Jesus’ mission.
•Christianity also believes in conducting a Eucharist or Thanksgiving ceremony every year, commemorating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.
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