The Butterfly Effect (2004) Is A Thrilling Brain-Teaser

The Butterfly Effect (2004) is without a doubt an awesome movie. I would have to admit that I did not watch it myself so I had to go through some of the reviews to check out the storyline. Only the reviews got me so interested that I am thinking of renting this movie. The plot of the movie is excellent, mind-boggling but very thrilling. It’s a tremendous work by Eric Bress who also directed Final Destination 2.
The Butterfly Effect, a mind boggling movie directed by Eric Bress and
J. Mackye Gruber is a movie well executed, performed and directed. Eric Bress may be famous for making one of the most rousing, good weird, different movies. He has acted in a movie called Blunt himself which he wrote and produced himself. He has won 2 awards, a Pegasus Audience Award for The Butterfly Effect and a Feature Film Award for Blunt. Some of his fine work includes The Butterfly Effect (2004), Blunt (1998) and Final Destination 2 (2003).

As the movie goes from Evan’s childhood to his adult life therefore, the cast is pretty huge while showing different ages in the movie of Evan himself and his friends. The adult Evan Treborn is played by Ashton Kutcher, Andrea Treborn (mother of Evan) is played by Melora Walters and Amy Smart plays Kayleigh Miller (an old childhood friend of Evan). The cast is bigger than this but the main storyline revolves around these three people. The performance of Ashton Kutcher is pretty convincing and original which put stars to the movie itself.

The movie The Butterfly Effect starts from a childhood of a boy, Evan Treborn who has this mental disease, where he has these blackouts and after coming out of them he could not remember a thing. Evan’s mother tells him that his father has the same disease. But I think this “disease” became the life saver of people around Evan like his best friend and first love Kayleigh Miller who commits suicide later in the movie as she was abused by her own father. Evan has all these blackouts during his childhood from the age 7-13 years. During that his doctor asks him to keep a record of every day incase he has a blackout and forgets everything. At the age of 20 years, Evan is in college where he brings a girl back to his old room where he finds all these old diaries written by him. He starts going through those diaries and having flash backs of the awful things that happened to him while he was a kid and he blocked them out like having Kayleigh’s dad making a child pornography of him and his daughter, when he accidentally kills a woman and her child by a dynamite etc. once Evan recalls all these tragic incidents he could somehow after reading them in the diaries could travel through time and correct those mistakes he made or horrible events that took place. A disease of Evan soon comes in handy by changing his future. Every time Evan used to travel in the past he used to be blacked out in the future.

A lot of people including Ashton Kutcher have stated that this movie is a combination of Back to the Future and Jacob’s Ladder taking the time travel element from Back to the Future and the mind games and reality theme from Jacob’s Ladder. The Butterfly Effect stands between other science fiction and fantasy movies like Final Destination, The Sixth Sense, Donnnie Darko, Minority Report, Fight Club and The i Inside. Another similarity is with the film and book Slaughterhouse-Five. When Evan goes back in time he is in his younger self's body and there are not two versions of himself running around. Most other time traveling films, besides The Butterfly Effect and Slaughterhouse-Five, use the latter time traveling method. The Butterfly Effect is a movie that will give you variety in the cliché movies that are being made nowadays. All I can say is that it’s a must-see.
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