The Best Key West Hotels

Near the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys you will find the city of Key West, located on the island of the same name. Like all of the Florida Keys there is a special enchantment about Key West, a place that promises a tropical paradise right off the coast of the United States of America. Many people come to Key West throughout the year and if you are planning a vacation you will most definitely want to know about the best Key West hotels around.
Perhaps the most well-regarded of all of the Key West hotels is the Gardens Hotel. This might not be one of the largest Key West hotels; with only 18 rooms it most certainly is not. But you will find here at the Gardens Hotel a true gem, something that cannot be replicated at any of the larger Key West hotels. Bahamas style buildings, European furnishings and Peggy Mills tropical gardens surround you everywhere you turn in the Gardens Hotel.

There is no more perfect Key West getaway than this quiet, beautiful, relaxing hotel. In fact the Gardens Hotel is so well regarded that the popular travel advisory web site,, named it one of its 2005 Travelers' Choice winners. Given its small size you might not be expecting to find a great stay here but you are definitely in for the surprise of your life.

Another member of the smaller hotels in Key West is the Island City House Hotel. This is a very unique and enchanting hotel that is built in an old Victorian style mansion known as the Island City House, as well as spreading out into the arch house, a carriage house from the 1880's and even a cigar house. Just a little larger than the Gardens Hotel the Island City House Hotel has 24 rooms, and is another beautiful little gem that provides luxurious and accommodating stays to make all of your Key West dreams come true.

For those looking for hotels in Key West that can better fit your budget, there are budget Key West hotels here to accommodate you as well. While Key West is somewhat an expensive vacation it is still possible to stay in beautiful little hotels where you can lie back and enjoy your stay in a tropical paradise without shelling out too many of your hard-earned dollars.

A prime example of one of these Key West hotels is the Ocean Breeze Inn. Located right on the beach there is nothing to complain about the Ocean Breeze Inn's location. It gives you convenient access to some of the best parts of the city and the island. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and the staff is extremely friendly and hospitable. Wonderful stays are definitely to be had here in the Ocean Breeze Inn.

If you are looking not just for Key West hotels but Key West resorts, you might be interested in the Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort. It’s a Hyatt resort so you know to expect luxury and comfort from the second you walk in the door. All of the suites are quite beautiful and luxurious, contemporarily designed. All units here at the Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort are completely furnished with both kitchens and dining areas. Come to the Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort for all of the comforts of home to be found in all the luxuries of a Key West hotel resort.

The Florida Keys are some of the most beautiful and enchanting island to be found anywhere in the United States. Of all of the Florida Keys Key West is perhaps the most renowned for its gorgeous greenery, exotic beaches and calming atmosphere. If you are looking for the perfect tropical island getaway but don't want to get too far away from the mainland, there is no better place to come than here in Key West.
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