The Beauty of Purple Texas Wildflowers

Purple Texas wildflowers are well known because they are beautiful, and stand out among all of the other wildflowers and foliage that grows in the state. There are a wide variety of purple wildflowers to be seen all over Texas, some of them well known, and others quite obscure but still very beautiful.

Texas is known for its beautiful wildflowers.  If you have ever traveled through Texas, or if you are lucky enough to live there, you can drive along the state highways and see beautiful wildflowers that will rival a flower shop.  The flowers come in many colors and shapes, and even sizes, but many of the most well known are the purple Texas wildflowers.  Many of the most beautiful wildflowers have a very purple or blue hue, which allows them to stand out among all the green foliage that also grows wild.

There are countless purple Texas wildflowers, some of which are very unique and aren't seen all that often.  Texas wildflowers 2006 seasons will see a lot of purple in the way of flowers as common as the wisteria, although still beautiful.  The wisteria is a beautiful flower because it grows on a tree or bush that is as unique and beautiful as the flower itself.  When the flowers bloom on the bush or tree, the purple Texas wildflowers known as wisteria looks more like a piece of art than simply a flower.

Some other well known purple Texas wildflowers include asters, baby blue eyes, the blazing star, and the blue galia.  Though some of the purple Texas wildflowers have the word blue in them, it's all a matter of opinion.  Most of the flowers have either a purple or purple blue hue to them, which can be interpreted however you want to!  Either way, when you couple the purple and purple blue wildflowers together you'll get a blend of purple colors that is simply beautiful.

Some other purple Texas wildflowers 2006 flower lovers can look forward to or watch out for are the bushy skull cap, the purple bindweed, the purple leather flower, the passion flower, the spider wort, and the obedient plant.  Of course, these are by no means all of the purple Texas wildflowers, as they truly are unlimited, but these are some of the most beautiful.  The purple bindweed is one of the most beautiful and delicate looking of the purple Texas wildflowers and it truly is a weed.  That is what is so great about many of these flowers, is that they occur naturally and are considered weeds by many, but are beautiful nonetheless.

While there are many beautiful purple Texas wildflowers, purple is by no means the only color of wild flower that you will see in Texas.  Especially in Southeast Texas you will see a menagerie of wildflowers along every highway, and even planted in the yards of residents.  The great thing about many of these wildflowers is that they can survive during years where the area gets a lot of water, but they also do quite well in drought conditions.  Purple Texas wildflowers are also quite easy to care for, as they usually have a very defined growing season, and then they are done for the year.

Texas wildflowers are well known to everyone that comes to the state, because you just can't miss them.  The purple varieties are notable because they stand out when compared to your typical white or yellow wild flower. If you live in Texas, consider growing some of these beautiful flowers in your yard this season so that you can enjoy the simple beauty of what occurs naturally in your area.

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