The Basics Of Using Skype SMS

Using the Skype SMS is a convenient and speedy way to send and receive real time messages to singles in your area. In the world of online matchmaking it is a great way to get in touch with people you feel you might be compatible with. There are over 18,000 Skype zones found around the globe. The Skype SMS software program is currently available for users whose operating systems are Windows XP and Windows 2000.
Using Skype SMS (short message service) is a convenient, cheap, and speedy method of sending and receiving real time short messages provided you and the parties you are communicating with have the following software and hardware basics. It can be a great way to meet up with singles you've met through online dating sites, and is a rapidly growing popular addition to the world of online matchmaking.

In order to get started with online dating through Skype SMS there are a few things you and the singles you want to contact must have: Mobile phones that are SMS capable for the Skype SMS messages you and the other party you are communicating with will be sending and receiving. Having Skype SMS means you can send a mass SMS to a number of potential matches.

You or the other party has the latest Skype SMS capable Skype software - Skype 2.5. If not and you already have an old Skype software program, you can easily upgrade to the Skype 2.5 free of charge.

First, here are the basics on how you can send Skype SMS.

Open the Skype program. When you get to the main menu, go to the Tools sub-menu, and when it opens, scroll down to the Send SMS message function.

Next, choosing recipients for the Skype SMS

When you add recipients to send the Skype SMS to, a SMS window will open. This will enable you to send Skype SMS to Skype out contacts or friends whose mobile numbers are written in their profiles.

Tip: Here is how to send a mass Skype SMS to a list, just select the recipients and choose the add function. Just remember that you will be charged for each recipient you send the same Skype SMS to.

Another method of sending Skype SMS is to enter a contact's mobile number right at the number entry field.

Then finally compose your Skype SMS and press the send button. This will send the Skype SMS on its way to one or more contacts you wish to communicate.

Aside from the software and hardware requirements, you will need to have Skype Credit to be able to send Skype SMS. Do not worry the costs of sending Skype SMS are very affordable.

Think of how cheap the privilege of accessing Skype Zones and sending Skype SMS to any of the 18,000 locations is. For you just pay $7.95 for a whole month's usage. On the other hand, if you want to try the Skype SMS for a limited period, you can try this out at $2.95 for two hours. That is more than enough time to gauge if Skype SMS is worth your time and resources.

To find out how much sending Skype SMS and if the person you're sending Skype SMS can receive these messages, check out the Skype zones and the rates of all these destinations.

Where are these Skype Zones found? Skype zones are the 18,000 plus internet hot spots located across the globe, which enables you the user to make calls from any of these Skype zones.

A short list of Skype zones spots: United States, Aruba, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Monaco, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the Virgin Islands.

Skype Zones (Beta version) is a nifty software program that is powered by Boingo. This program gives you access to 18,000 locations, whether you are stationary or moving about. Therefore you can get in touch with potential online matches no matter where you are through Skype SMS.

A word of caution though. Skype Zones is only available for users whose operating systems are Windows XP and Windows 2000. It is not available for computers with Linux, Mac OS X, and Pocket PC operating systems.
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