The Basics Of Using Public Chatrooms

The use of public chatrooms has become one of the best watering holes on the net. Whether you use AIM or AOL® Instant Messenger™, ICQ, MSN® Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger to access a public chatroom, you're sure to find new friends and stay in touch with old ones. Just make certain, when you chat in a public chatroom that you keep personal details private. At least until you have verified the identity and details of these persons.

The use of public chatrooms is gaining increasing popularity among people of different ages and inclinations. For public chatrooms, provide the users easy, interesting, and fun ways of interacting with others. You can find a new friend or talk to a huge group of people, and exchange real-time messages using one system.

Some of the more popular instant messaging programs where you can access public chatrooms are the following: AIM or AOL® Instant Messenger™, ICQ, MSN® Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger.

All of these instant messenger programs have the following capacities: File transfer/ voice and video conferencing, person-to-person text messaging, sms, gaming and chatroom messaging. 
Here is a brief discussion of the merits of each of these instant messaging programs, which provide public chatrooms in their systems.

You can immediately check out the public chatrooms of AIM, AOL Instant Messenger once you have downloaded their easy to install messenger program. It is convenient to download, does not take up too much space in your pc or laptop. It also comes free, whether you are an AOL or non-AOL member. AOL has different versions of this program; you can enter any of their public chatrooms with the use of your PDA, PC, laptop, or the more sophisticated user who owns a web-ready cell phone. Be aware though that these public chatrooms are unmonitored. Keep your personal information private until you have sufficient reason to trust the person or persons you are chatting with in any of AOL's public chatrooms.  

ICQ certainly has many public chatrooms for 180 million members. What makes ICQ unique from other instant messaging programs is the fact that its' members are known by a set of numbers. Today, the ICQ program has grown more sophisticated, with audio and video public chatrooms, VOIP technologies, and forums. It shares a feature of AOL where you can have the option of putting up your profile and including your personal information online. There is a measure of safety included though, for you have the option of denying or approving users who wish to be your buddy. So remember, while making friends in public chatrooms can be fun, stay safe. Do not give out your identity or share personal information until you are sure that the person you have connected with in one of ICQ's many public chatrooms is a person you can trust.  

Like the other instant messaging programs, the MSN® Messenger program has public chatrooms too. This instant message platform has the following features, audio, video chat, text messaging capacities, a system of public chatrooms and forums. MSN has the following applications to allow you to send and receive messages from your PDA, pc, and laptop or web ready cellular phone. If you use the Outlook Express email service, you can receive text messages from the MSN messenger too.   

Yahoo! Messenger programs public chatrooms are some of the most popular watering holes on the net. Like the other instant messenger programs it has an extensive set of IM programs for users who have may have laptop, pc, PDA or web ready mobile phone. It's set of public chatrooms are categorized according  age, religious inclinations, schools,  sports, love, even sex fetishes and  more exotic interests. Have fun getting to know other people in a public chat room in the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, keep your personal details private until you are sure you can trust these persons.

To reiterate - public chatrooms are a good way to get in touch with persons who share your interests. Remember to type fast and quickly to keep up with the other users in a public chatroom. This way you stay in the loop and can keep up with the conversation.

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