The Basics of Using Polycom video conferencing

Established in 1990, Polycom has risen to become the world leader in video management software, multipoint conferencing, and network access solutions. For Polycom offers videoconferencing kits that are of superior quality, affordable, and innovative. Polycom continues to set the pace in videoconferencing kits and solutions by making strategic alliances, acquisitions and manufacturing innovative products.

Since its establishment in 1990, Polycom has become the world industry leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of video conferencing kits, video management software, multipoint conferencing and network access solutions, multi-network gateways, audio and video communication software, and endpoints.

Polycom has a captured market because of its' leading product, The Polycom Office. This video conferencing kit is the world's only fully integrated end-to-end audio/video, web, and data collaboration solution.

In addition, Polycom's comprehensive range of products are of superior quality, convenient to use, and affordable. V-SPAN, Dimension Data, AT&T, and Adcom are just some of the more prominent service providers who have incorporated Polycom's videoconferencing kit and capacities into their hosted services. 

In February 2001, Polycom further consolidated their lead by acquiring Accord Networks, a leading provider of next-generation, rich-media network infrastructure products. By doing so Polycom was able to expand its product offerings to include firewalls, multipoint control units, and gateways.

However, Polycom went even further by acquiring PictureTel Corporation in October 2001. With the acquisition Polycom has become the world's leading PC based group video communications systems. Polycom's strategic acquisitions and innovative products continue to this day.

In fact this 2006, Polycom has taken videoconferencing to unparalleled heights with their patented Click&View application. This videoconferencing kit provides the users the ability to fine-tune their video layout without negatively affecting the view of fellow users. Participants who use the Polycom videoconferencing kits are assured when they are participate in video conferences that the audio/video capacities are sharper and more lifelike even as it remains reasonably priced.   

Some state of the art features that Polycom videoconferencing kits and solutions have.

Polycom videoconferencing kits have an end-to-end product portfolio, which supports an integrated SIP solution, from infrastructure system up to the endpoints.

Polycom videoconferencing kits have the built in capacity for conference scheduling and management with only one device.

Polycom videoconferencing kits can be operated from the desktop, and have content sharing capacities.

Polycom videoconferencing kits are versatile, for they can be integrated with Microsoft Windows Messenger, Lotus Notes, USB video cameras, and the Avaya NMS Management System. 
With the prevailing geo-political climate, and companies increasing need for productivity while reducing costs, video conferencing kits and solutions have become a highly sought after solution.

This makes Polycom the global leader in video management software, multipoint conferencing, multi-network gateways, audio and video communication software, and endpoints, at the lead. For their comprehensive range of products are made of superior quality, adaptable, and very affordable.

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