The Advantages of Using Teleconference Services

Teleconference services are becoming a more popular option for conducting long-distance meetings, conversations, and courses. Their availability and ease of use help make this a viable option for gaining participants from around the globe, and can even help to promote a product or idea to a wide range of people at one time.

Teleconference services are among the options most widely used for conducting meetings, holding distance learning classes, and holding business conversations for people all over the world.  These services allow several individuals to participate in such activities from several different locations, and are often free to the participant.  It also provides a cheaper means by which to hold meetings as it eliminates the cost of airfare and lodging in situations where short meetings or training sessions are necessary. 

There are many teleconference services available that contain many features at reasonable rates.  For example, companies are often offered stand-alone toll-free conference calling at a cost of only a few cents per minute.  Toll-free reservationless conference calling provides a company or individual the ability to host a conference call at any time, with no advanced scheduling required. 

Often times, teleconferencing services can be started and controlled directly from the computer through teleconferencing software with seamless integration. 

Here, with the click of a mouse, conference call attendees can be provided one toll-free dial-in number and access code which will grant them immediate access.  This eliminates the need for keeping up many different numbers and codes and makes it easier on both the conference host and those attending.

While the call is taking place, the conference host has the ability to manage both the talking and listening rights of the entire group, and can give "guest speaker" access to anyone participating.  This opens up even more options and provides added features that make this form of teleconferencing more appealing.

There are several benefits to using teleconferencing services.  While each is unique to the particular set of features each service includes, many of them are often present across the board.  They are as follows.

•Immediate, on-demand availability
This gives conference hosts the ability to set up a meeting or call with little to no advance notice.  While not all teleconferencing services offer this feature, there are many that do.  It may prove useful for that impromptu meeting or those necessary last-minute instructions.

•Toll-free dial-in access
This is important to attendees, as meeting can often last a long time.  It can also mean the difference in a high or low attendance.  Again, while not all teleconference services offer this, it may be one to inquire about if relevant to the situation.

•Noise cancellation
With this feature, all participants will come in loud and clear, without any echoing or white noise interference. 

•Lengthy call time with the option of an extension
This feature is especially useful when conducting an actual conference or very long meeting.  This gives the conference host the ability to set up several meetings concurrently, or host a workshop covering several topics without interruption.

Most teleconference services are very easy to use both for the host and attendees.  There are also several teleconferencing software applications available for setting up and hosting calls.  Understanding what the various services have to offer will make it easier to narrow down the options.  Deciding which ones you need is, perhaps, the first step toward figuring out which teleconference service is right for you.

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