Texas, Single Most Distinct State In The Union

In Texas, single attention is paid to one quality, friendliness. With sweeping geographic and ethnic diversity, the Lone Star State offers something for everyone. The major cities of Dallas and Houston set the trend for upscale urban living but small towns abound throughout the state. Regardless of the lifestyle you seek, some Texas community and some individual Texan will fit the bill.

Its distinction as the second largest state in the United States both in terms of square miles and population guarantees the presence of unique qualities in Texas. Single out any state in the United States for having a culture and lifestyle all its own and Texas has to be at the top of the list. The figure of the cowboy, oil-rich Texan has become a legendary American stereotype.

A former province of Mexico and for a time a republic in its own right, Texas joined the Union in 1845. The geography of the state ranges from the forested lands of East Texas to the Chihuahuan desert around El Paso on the far west. The beaches of Galveston and Padre Island welcome visitors to the Gulf Coast region while those who drive northward to the Panhandle find miles and miles of flat land that, when irrigated, is some of the finest farm land in the world

In 2005 Texas posted an estimated population of 22,859,968 with more than a third of the population listing their ethnicity as Hispanic. In the state's southern most regions, known as the Valley, the population is more Mexican than Anglo with many families tracing their roots back to the Spanish colonial days in Texas. Single family groups have occupied towns along the border for hundreds of years.

The mark of European heritage is clearly visible around Fredericksburg and New Braunfels, Texas. Single ethnic ties in these areas are German in origin with a healthy smattering of Norwegian and Czechoslovakian families as well. According to census figures, people of German ancestry make up almost ten percent of the Texas population.

In a state marked by such geographic and ethnic diversity men and women have no problem finding interesting partners for dating. Texas lays claim to some of the prettiest women in the nation, celebrated by country and western song writers for decades and ably represented by the participants in the annual Miss Texas contest.

The metropolitan areas offer varied social and cultural venues and a thriving night life for dating. Texas has two cities principally known for their status as urban trendsetters, Houston on the Gulf Coast and Dallas in North Texas. Both cities have thriving cultural districts, active theater communities, and their fair share of night clubs and entertainment venues.

It really isn't a matter of listing your name in the personals. Texas has a reputation for friendliness. Take your chances at the world's biggest honky tonk, Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, and most likely you'll find yourself on the dance floor before the night is over. Rubbing belt buckles with a good looking cowboy wins hands down over the personals. Texas men, whether attired in a business suit to close a Houston oil deal or wearing starched jeans for a night at the rodeo, are not hard on the eyes.

If there's any one thing people notice about Texas single attention is paid to the friendliness of the population and to the Texas single-minded attention to making people feel at home. Visit the Lone Star State and you just may find the cowboy or cowgirl of your dreams.

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