Tempe, Personal Opportunities And Desert Living

In the Arizona city of Tempe, personal attention to detail in the development of the community has created a vibrant urban environment enriched by the presence of Arizona State University. The school has the largest enrollment of any university in the United States, more than fifty thousand students spread over three campuses. The energy and opportunities brought to Tempe by this massive educational venue are both varied and exciting.

More than one hundred and sixty thousand people live in Tempe, Arizona. The community is considered to be a major suburb of neighboring Phoenix to the southeast with the upscale and trendy Scottsdale area lying to the north.

Many Tempe personal relationships start on the main campus of Arizona State University which has the largest enrollment of any university in the United States, some 51,612 students. There are actually three campuses in the ASU system (Tempe, Phoenix, and Mesa) that together graduate more than ten thousand students per year. The university was established in 1885 and is a source of considerable pride for the citizens of Arizona.

In fact, pride of state and of community characterizes much of life in Arizona. In Tempe, personal attention to detail characterizes the local government's approach to caring for and developing the community so that twice Tempe has been named an All-American City.

For Tempe, personal demographic statistics show the area to be seventy-eight percent Caucasian, twenty percent Hispanic, four percent African American, and two percent Native American. There are more than sixty-three thousand households of which approximately forty percent are occupied by married couples.

For Tempe personal prospects, the ratio of men to women is 106.9 males for every 100 females. For women looking to have a Tempe wedding, the pickings are pretty good. And that Tempe wedding could be fairly lavish when you look at the Tempe personal income statistics. The average household income in the city is $42,361 with family income standing at $55,237. On average men earn $36,406 with women bringing in $28,605.

Tempe is home to the American Museum of Nursing, which houses more than three thousand artifacts related to the profession. At the Arizona Historical Foundation researchers have access to the papers of the Goldwater family, long influential in state and national politics, as well as other Arizona political figures of prominence.

On the campus of Arizona State University research and museum facilities include: the ASU Arts Museum / Ceramics Research Center, ASU Gammage (theater and dance), ASU Hispanic Research Center, ASU Luhrs Gallery, ASU Mars Space Flight Facility, the Center for Meteorite Studies, ASU Planetarium, and the ASU Public Art Collection.

These are but a sampling of the many research and preservation activities carried out through the University of Arizona. The school is an enormous asset to the Tempe community and one that enriches the lives not just of its students but of the citizens of the city as well.

In addition to these cultural and educational venues, Tempe has the largest concentration of restaurants and cafes in the state of Arizona. Cuisines from around the world are prepared in settings from the elegant to the casual and are sure to tempt the palette of even the most finicky eater.

Embodying all the best qualities of an urban environment mixed with the energy of a major college town, Tempe, Arizona has something for everyone - and plenty of air conditioning to get you in out of the blistering Arizona heat.

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