Teen Nudist and the Commonwealth of Virginia

The teen nudist will certainly have more unique and quirky tales of childhood to tell their children about in twenty years than most people will. The role of nudism in the life of teens has been a divisive issue in the most conservative American states. At the heart of the issue is parental rights and the ideal that nudism and teens equals sexuality. Take a look at both sides of the debate...
Conservatism-it's been the Commonwealth of Virginia's worst enemy. First there was the proposed governmental ban a few years back on the popular low rise jeans that are notorious for flashing a bit more of the caboose than most people are comfortable seeing. More recently, the state's senator, and former governor, George Allen, has been repeatedly accused of using ethnic slur towards people of color. And when it comes to the Commonwealth of Virginia and sacrifical lambs in the name of conservative living, teen nudist camps also found themselves on the chopping block.

Besides the sunny State of Florida, the Commonwealth of Virginia was the only of the fifty United States that allowed teen nudist camps. At least it was until 2004. That was the year that the Virginia State Panel decided to outlaw the relationship between nudism and teens-without the supervision of a guardian, of course. The bill prevents state licensing of any hotel, or summer camp, or campground that operates as a sanctuary for the teen nudist without the supervision of their parents, or grandparents ,or another legal guardian. The bill was born out of public contempt at the week long teen nudist camp, White Trail, located in the Southhampton County of Virginia Nudist parents were livid. The bill faced starch opponents in the nudist community who argued that the bill infringed on parental rights. Still the bill went through and there was one less state filled with naked teens and their free spirit.

Teen Nudist Get An Early Start

Nudism, social nudism and naturalism describe a process of letting it all hang out, sag, hang free, or whatever other uncomfortable things that the body and skin does, in a social setting. And according to the American Association For Nude Recreation, the teen nudist gets an early start on developing their lifestyle of cherishing, respecting, and appreciating their natural bodies, which is how the nudists describe the practice. Family friendly nudist resorts, which is the more modern term for the now defunct nudist colony, have been around for years and that is undoubtedly where many teen nudists get their first introduction to the "going skin" scene.

Since most kids ages one to three can barely go one hour without peeling off the old Pull-Up and running around the house stark naked, family nudism is a natural way to slide into the nudist lifestyle for families with young children. It's sort of like Walt Disney World for the naked sect, and ten years down the road these young nudists while be teen nudists with a zest for the beach and a love of going bare.

Nudist Camps For The Teen Nudist

Now that teenage nudists under the age of eighteen aren't able to visit nudist camps without a parent attached at the hip in nearly every American state, there are neat family resorts that make the nudist experience a ball-pun intended. Some nudist clubs in the United States for teenagers and their familes include:

Paradise Lakes Resort: Paradise Lakes Resort is located in sunny Tampa, Florida. Florida's a big state for the nudist movement and this Sunshine State resort offers a mix of sun, surf and fun in the sun. T-shirts, shorts and panties are optional. Paradise Lakes is the most visited clothing-optional resort on the continent.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa: Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa is another of Florida's naked little gems. With lots of pools for free swimming, a lakefront free beach and a rejuvenating spa, Cypress Cove is just one of an expanding family of nudist resorts with first class amenities.

Turtle Lake Resort: Turtle Lake Resort is located right in the South Central region of Michigan, that makes it a cinch to get to from all of the states in the Midwest. Turtle Lake is the Midwestern United States' flagship nudist resort with an open door policy all three hundred sixty-five days of the year. Rental facilities are snatched up quick at this resort with a picture perfect view of the middle of America.
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