Technology & Christianity: Working Together to Develop New Communities

Choosing Christianity as a lifestyle can be a difficult choice for an individual because our modern culture does not generally support Christian attitudes. Advancements in modern technology, however, offer individuals choosing to live a Christian life many alternatives to the mainstream culture. Read this article to discover the issue.

Making the decision to live a particular lifestyle can be difficult in this day and age. Everywhere you look, there are aspects of our modern culture that make it hard to live a specific way of life. Fortunately, new advancements in technology, like the internet, are making it easier for individuals who share a common value system to communicate. Communication is very important for the individuals who share a common belief system as it allows those individuals to create a community, from which they may explore their ideas and values. For those choosing to adopt Christianity, the internet is a very useful tool.

The internet makes it easy to create a community because it allows people from all over the world to communicate via email and the World Wide Web.  Usergroups, or lists of email addresses of individuals who share a common goal or interest, are very popular. Christian usergroups are available through many resources, most notably Yahoo! and Google. Signing up for a usergroup is generally very simple, and generally consists of sending an email to a group moderator. Once you are signed up, you may find that there are many fellow Christians from many locations that share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

Music, movies, television, magazines and even news sources are littered with messaging that can convey a stringent anti-Christian sentiment. Finding alternative online resources that advocate the principles of Christianity can be a great way to combat more provocative media choices. Again, technology has made it possible to find many alternatives to mainstream media. The recent diversification of television, radio, and print outlets has given Christianity a new tool in spreading its message. Christian-focused programming is available on both cable and public channels. Radio, satellite radio, and digital radio channels that play only Christian music are a wonderful alternative to more mainstream music sources. The internet makes magazines and other traditional print resources available for free or a small fee, thereby making many resources available to individuals practicing Christianity worldwide.

There are many choices in today's technology-driven world for those living a Christian life. The ease that the internet offers in creating a new online magazine, website, or blog means there is an endless amount of resources that when choosing to adopt Christianity can make the transition easier. Making the decision to live a certain lifestyle, and Christianity in particular, can open a whole new world in terms of people to meet, ideas to share, and a community to develop. Technology has helped many people create a wider and growing community in many parts of the world.

Contemplating the decision to adopt a new lifestyle, and Christianity is no exception, is a difficult choice, but one that can ultimately make a person stronger. As much as we may feel that our culture may limit our lifestyle choices, advancements in technology are making it easier for us to develop worldwide communities and create specialized resources to share with members of our communities. Adhering to the principles of a Christian life does not need to be a difficult decision to make, as there are many others out there to share the experience with.

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